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Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing companies rely on global, dynamic, and highly fragmented supply chains. With competition becoming more cut-throat than ever, an integration imperative is taking hold that is driving accelerated improvement in the extended supply chain — reaching from internal organizations out to suppliers and to end customers. Today, manufacturing firms that invest in a comprehensive enterprise-wide integration strategy are proving to be more adept at satisfying customers and thereby boosting their own sales and profitability.

Client Challenges

  • Managing an increasingly complex network of global suppliers as well as customers
  • Driving improvements in “throughput” and “flow” in the supply chain to increase inventory turns and hence fulfill perfect orders
  • Increasingly high level of risk in global supply chains
  • Need for visibility and predictability in the Supply Chain.
  • Need for ability to support mass customization product model while minimizing inventory costs

How HCL can help?

HCL’s Supply Chain solutions focus on the strategies, processes and technologies required to drive growth and heighten profitability across that entire value chain. We combine deep strategic and operational capabilities with experience in implementation-related consulting to help our clients achieve excellence in Supply Chain Management (SCM). Our services include:

  • Supply Chain Planning
    • Advanced Planning & Scheduling,
    • CPFR,
    • Demand Planning/ Forecasting,
    • Demand Management,
    • Inventory & Prod Planning,
    • Replenishment,
    • Supply&Distribution Planning,
    • Network Planning,
    • Segmentation & Strategy
  • Supply Chain Execution
    • Transportation,
    • Warehouse,
    • Returns Management,
    • Export & Import
    • Compliance,
    • Yard & Dock Management


  • Greater synchronization with business priorities
  • Faster response to changes in supply and demand
  • Enhanced global inventory visibility
  • Improved order promising capabilities
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Improved cash flow and subsequently higher margins
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