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AEGIS-T: HCL Connected Home Platform

The communication revolution is impacting our home, transforming it into a 'Smart home'. The new generation of home appliances/ devices are being controlled and serviced remotely through mobile phones, TV or the internet. Telcos/ broadband players are increasingly looking at providing home monitoring/ control/ energy management services as part of a larger services bundle. Smart home solutions enable your home to work for you and provide a comfortable and convenient lifestyle through solutions such as Lighting Control, Advanced Climate Control, Energy Management/ Conservation, Audio and Video Distribution Systems, Security System Integration and Remote Access. HCL’s cloud-based Connected Home Platform is a Zigbee-based home device control with remote access and monitoring that provides video monitoring as well. The core features of the solution are:

  • Security and surveillance - Video surveillance and live video feed transmission
  • Energy monitoring - Providing energy usage data to user appliances
  • Home appliances/ device control - Controls various home appliances such as AC, Refrigerators, etc
  • Alarms and triggers - Motion sensing and triggering an alarm


The solution provides an easy introduction to the services and recurring revenue source. Since the cost of the set up is low and the solution is standard-based, it is extensible.

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"You made my Group’s week! The increased speed of pulling copy to edit in the HEPMviewer is immensely improved. Once supervisor called it a ‘pleasure’ to use. This has been a real thorn in our critical time. Great Work, thank you!"