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Back Office Optimization Services

These are the foundational services that any media and publishing organization needs to build for creating content suitable for multichannel distribution. Of late, Back Office management and optimization has become hugely challenging with the need for the integration of disparate systems due to inorganic growth as a result of alliances and acquisitions. There is also a need for an effective master data management by creation of a single repository for integrated cross platform search and creation of a separate low cost digital ERP for small and medium online businesses to enable faster time to market.

HCL Services in the area of back end optimization include:

  • Search Services - Integrated with Digital Supply Chain, a services layer that allow discovering content, assets via implementation of Search techniques:
    • Text Mining Engine
    • Semantic Platform
    • Web/Crawlers Platform
    • Unified Search Platform
    • Enterprise Search Platform
  • Master Data Management - Content readiness via Digital Supply Chain involves Content translation/transformation of Master data via Master Data Management Tool implementation.
  • SOA Consulting & ImplementationDigital Supply Chain tightly integrates with several enterprise systems (like ERPs, Sales & Marketing, Royalties etc.). Enterprise Service Bus enable such integration:
    • SOA Services including consulting and implementation
    • EAI Implementation
    • EDI Services
    • IDM & SSO (Identity Management and Single Sign On)
    • BPM Services
  • Back Office (on ERP and/or Cloud) - M&A intensive industry, usually have a footprint of multiple/ redundant, high cost systems up for standardization & ERP migration:
    • Custom to ERP Migration
    • ERP Local to Global Template Migration
    • Custom to Cloud Migration
    • Enabling Digital Businesses ERP Lite system (Sales/ Finance module only)

HCL Solutions

A few of the existing solutions that illustrate HCL’s expertise and investment focus in Back Office Optimization Services.

  • Content 2.0, a network Network Publishing Platform for New Age Publishers” enables multi channel delivery of content in a streamlined process and integrates disparate systems... Read more
  • Unified Authoring Platform, a WYSIWYG platform for content and assessment authoring, reviewing, editing, and publishing to multiple channels... Read More
  • Artist 360° is a platform that enables the artist, his manager, and the record label’s admin to get a complete view of all the activities (music albums, events, merchandise, movies, TV shows etc.) performed by the artist and track the financial aspects (royalty) related to all the activities... Read more
  • MOaaSS, a fully evolved video services on cloud, provides capabilities to set up WebTV or Short form Video channel, provides ingestion, trans-wrapping, transcoding, tagging, storage, search and delivery of video content. Also, include watermarking for anti-piracy and fully hosted on Public cloud... Read more

Representative Engagements

HCL has demonstrated capability of providing business value to our esteemed customers. Below are few examples:

  • Transformed back-office operations by undertaking ERP, SAP, JD Edwards,  and sales force implementations for a $5b global provider of information, software, and services across multiple industry.
  • Creation of a highly automated  product master data system that enables the creation and management of thousands of digital products and rights compliance for a $3 billion Multinational Music Company.
  • Provided end-to-end visibility into the applications spectrum, including recommendations for a global Rights management platform to integrate with various Financial and Artist Contract systems while eliminating  expensive solutions - for a $1.65 billion Multinational Music Company.
  • Led TIBCO Business Events based Provisioning Process Monitoring for a $5B US mobile communication leader.
  • Achieved shorter time to market with higher satisfaction rate across the globe by implementing a fully integrated gaming engine with back office operations and accounting products.
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What Customers Say

"You made my Group’s week! The increased speed of pulling copy to edit in the HEPMviewer is immensely improved. Once supervisor called it a ‘pleasure’ to use. This has been a real thorn in our critical time. Great Work, thank you!"