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Gaming and Casino Industry Solutions

The Casino and Gaming industry is undergoing a major shift because of multiple economic, geographic and technology factors. For instance, the casinos in Europe are reeling under high taxes and regulations, and in the US, the market is almost stagnant. However, the Asian market is showing visible signs of being the next growth region.

Similarly, gaming is witnessing reduced revenues from “Land-based” casinos and casino operators are exploring online gaming as a new source of revenue. With the growing influence of mobile and social in end-customer lifestyles, casino and gaming experiences are increasingly finding their way into these channels. The industry is also realizing the importance of knowing the customer, leveraging big data and analytics for creating personalized experiences driven by consumer insight and behavior. The Pit, as we know it, is expanding into the world of social, mobile, online and game consoles and delivering these experiences with the help of Cloud and big data.

With digital gaining prominence and becoming the potential driver in these changing times, HCL’s Casino and Gaming Practice is ready to drive this change.

A snapshot of our engagements in this industry:

  • 12-year footprint in end-to-end system integration, service delivery, product development, testing and quality assurance, product sustenance and maintenance
  • Strong team of domain experts with deep domain competencies and experience of 100+ implementations
  • End-to-end services across product planning, pricing and distribution, guest management, gaming, lodging and post trip management value chain
  • System integration and services for lottery and instant games
  • Interactive gaming portals and back end systems
  • Game adaptation, development and testing for Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMS) and Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs)
  • Development, maintenance and support for casino management products and player management interfaces
  • Regulatory and compliance management for casino players
  • Big data solutions with real-time analytics, patron insight, 360° customer feedback and integration hub
  • Cloud services for empowering operators to provide seamless gaming experience across multiple devices
  • Real-time customer relationship management for providing a holistic view across gaming and non-gaming areas for a unified experience
  • Mobile lottery solutions for large lottery providers

To enable you take your relationship with your consumer beyond the pit, read about some of our solutions that that help you stay ahead of the curve:

Learn more.

The Casino and Gaming industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years with the emergence of new channels like online/ mobile/ social gaming and the rising popularity of new products like next generation gaming consoles. Being a focus for government regulations and a highly discretionary element of consumer spending brings challenges as well as opportunities for the industry’s established players. At the same time, with the Asia-Pacific region becoming the world’s largest casino market by 2013, this industry is going through a major shift.

HCL believes that these shifts in the casino and gaming industry are because of the availability of new technologies, changes in customer preferences and demographics & business model transitions. With its long history, the industry has always been a unique source of entertainment for its customers. The shifting nature of consumer personalization, social media and multi-channel ecosystem, driven by digital media convergence, are critical drivers to watch out for.

HCL’s point of view for the casino and gaming industry is based on this fundamental shift of business to multiple channels and corresponding impact to core business processes like Customer Relationship Management, Marketing, Gaming, Lodging, etc

  • Customer Relationship Management for providing a holistic view across gaming and non-gaming areas for a unified experience; Capabilities for multi-channel integration, multi- client support etc
  • Mobile gaming will experience the largest growth opportunity as the popularity of smartphones and tablets continues to increase. User experience on these new devices will hold the key to success of these new channels.
  • Acceptance of online gaming will require a variety of approaches that will shape the growth of various forms of gaming (poker, sports betting, bingo, etc). Social networking will be an important driver of activity and growth in online gaming worldwide.
  • Move from product-centric to consumer- centric approach through deep consumer insights, personalization and targeting
  • Build strong communities, vertical content - Content like sports, travel, fashion and lifestyle is driving audience and monetization
  • Cost optimization through better alignment of business with IT, consolidation, shared services and right-shoring
  • Cloud services empowering operators to provide a seamless gaming experience across multiple devices

HCL is a strategic value partner for the casino and gaming customers across the globe, with 12+ years of experience in end-to-end system integrations, service delivery, product development, testing & quality assurance, product sustenance and maintenance. The a strong team of domain experts with deep domain competencies and knowledge of 100+ implementations of games significantly add value to the business. This, coupled with necessary investment in labs, solutions/ frameworks, partnerships and industry experts, places HCL in the leadership quadrant leading to expertise in all gaming points of access solutions such as lottery POA, casino slot machines, internet, consoles like Xbox or Sony and the ubiquitous mobiles and handhelds.

Casinos & Gaming

Core IT Service

  • Application & Enterprise Application Services – A unique process-led approach to services covering application support, maintenance and development with bespoke and enterprise technologies like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and besides niche industry products like HARRIS, Apple, DALET, SONY, Front Porch Digital, Artesia and Adobe  Read more
  • Enterprise Transformation Services – Portfolio includes business consulting, IT consulting, application portfolio optimization, content management services, mainframe/ mid-range sustenance & migration, data warehouse, business intelligence and independent verification & validation services Read more
  • Engineering & Platform Services – Product & Platform Engineering Services for digital supply chain optimization, content distribution platforms, eCommerce, mobility, consumer electronics, TV/ mobile applications and device design & production Read more
  • Infrastructure Services – Industry leading services in remote infrastructure management, end user computing, data center management & consolidation, helpdesk/ service desk, application-operations and cloud computing Read more
  • Business Services – Services spanning media process optimization services, video advertising quality assurance, customer care, subscription and billing management, service provisioning, direct marketing, social media analysis, external helpdesk, video services (besides F&A), procurement and HR services Read more

Industry-specific Services

  • Next Generation User Experience – Next-gen experience, augmented reality, mash up, widgets, social media marketing and social referral applications Read More
  • Mobility services – Mobile gaming, mobile coupons, contextual services, vertical content applications (lifestyle, health, travel etc) and enterprise applications Read More
  • Digital Supply Chain Services – eCommerce portal, online games, web content management and social gaming Read More
  • Predictive Analytics – Web & social analytics, personalization, big data management and predictive analytics Read More
  • CRM and personalization services - Market research, loyalty management and patron lifecycle value Read More
  • Unified Advertising Services - Online matching, triggered offers, multi-variate testing, multi-channel marketing and campaign & promotion management Read More
  • BO Optimization - Industry-specific tool-sets for procurement and infrastructure Read More

HCL Solutions

Some of our representative investments for the gaming and casino industry include multi-channel, mobility and cloud services:

  • Customer Centricity, an Artificial intelligence-based N=1 recommendation engine, case-based reasoning on anonymous/ logged-in user actions to personalize promotion, sweeps, advertisement, product and content leading 20- 30% increase in sales Read more
  • Mobile coupon application framework provides multi-platform coupon sourcing (NFC, QR Codes and Feeds) and redemption capabilities Read more
  • Mobile gaming development to securely purchase lottery and redeem its winnings through mobile phones. New services to differentiate the gambling experience in a multi-platform environment, based on convenience and immediate & contextual services
  • TV widgets, a fully-evolved catalogue of games available on TV, providing capabilities to set up connected television by running Yahoo! TV engine, providing customers a differentiated experience with a new interactive gaming portfolio
  • Socialytics, a social sentiment analysis framework, using semantic analysis of posts, ‘likes’ on social media, websites and blogs to perform sentimental analysis and personalization of sweeps, products, advertisement, content and promotions Read more
  • The cloud services portfolio with close coordination with partner ecosystem helps to address specific business needs of customers. The significant expertise in building and deploying applications on AWS infrastructure is testimonial to the group’s success in holding leadership position in this domain

Representative Engagements

HCL has been servicing a global lottery service provider since the last 10+ years with development and testing activities in product development, system integration, support/ service delivery areas, helping them transform their business while optimizing IT intensity.

  • Achieved shorter time to market with higher satisfaction rate across the globe by implementing a fully-integrated gaming engine with back-office operations and accounting products
  • Involved in developing end-to-end solution for bonus controller, Gaming Machine Interface and Web-based Table Management Reporting system

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