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Content Services

Content management and distribution services aim to streamline ways of producing, managing, and distributing content. Thus leading to more efficient workflows, integrated asset & rights management, and efficient storage and retrieval of data. This ultimately helps in increasing efficiency, leading to better control over information, and reducing the overall cost of information management for the enterprise. This can also help address a number of paint points such as complex Print/SD centric content process, inadequate workflows and fragmentation, limited content reuse, legal exposure of rights/ contract, lost productivity due to multiple system, manual exchange of data, and high time to market.

HCL service offerings in this area include:

  • Content Platform Services – This has flavors for each of the micro verticals:
    • Publishing and Business Information Services-  Integrated Authoring Environment for Text, Images, Video, Audio, Assessments, Animation with integration to Enterprise Assets & Systems
    • New Media & Broadcasting-  Video Services Platform with ability to Ingest, Edit and Transform Video/ Audio Content
  • Content Creation & Transformation Services
    • Marketing Services-  Creation of Marketing material, promotion for books/magazines/ newspapers, short form video/ long form video, Research/Journals, Tracks (Music, Ringtones, Jingles etc)
    • XML Conversion Services for Publishing and Business Information Services
    • Learning Objects Packaging Services for Publishing and Business Information Services
    • Document Management Services (Abstraction Indexing/Summarization) for Publishing and Business Information Services.
    • Post Production Services for New Media and Broadcasting
    • Translation Services - SD to HD, SD/HD to 3D, Graphics Service, 3D/2D Animation Services
  • Voice/ Data/ Video “Testing” Services and Device  “Testing” Services –
    • Data: Content Quality Assurance, Format & Packaging Standard Testing, Metadata/ Markup Standard Testing, Conversion Testing
    • Video: Signal Compatibility Testing
  • Device Testing Services (for App/ Content Compatibility)
    • Set Top Boxes
    • Slot/ Gaming Machines
    • Mobile/ Wireless Device Testing
    • TV Testing (like BRAVIA)

These services would help companies:

  • Reduce Content Production cost via automation, collaboration, integration of tools & workflow process
  • Improve Digital Revenues
  • Improve reuse (of content/ rights) due to standardization of systems, storage, discovery and transformation process

HCL Solutions

A few of the existing solutions that illustrate HCL’s expertise and investment focus in Content Services are:

  • Content 2.0, a network Publishing Platform for New Age Publishers” enables multi-channel delivery of content in a streamlined process and integrates disparate systems... Read more
  • Unified Authoring Platform, a WYSIWYG platform for content and assessment authoring, reviewing, editing, and publishing to multiple channels... Read More
  • iTransform, a multi-platform content transformation engine which integrates with legacy applications and handles conversion of complex and large size data to epub format with efficient conversion ratio.
  • Artist 360° is a platform that enables the artist, his manager, and the record label’s admin to get a complete view of all the activities (music albums, events, merchandise, movies, TV shows etc.) performed by the artist and track the financial aspects (royalty) related to all the activities... Read more
  • Media Operations as a Service Store for achieving transcoding scalability via Cloud create and modify profiles in the cloud Read more

Representative Engagements

HCL has demonstrated capability of providing business value to our esteemed customers. Below are few examples

  • Responsible for the complete development of an eLearning platform including an authoring and delivery system for a leading private education company specializing in language training.
  • Designed a new industry leading user experience, for a leading US based electronic and microfilm publisher, that will provide a consistent interface to all its branded products by consolidating services across multiple platforms.
  • Provided end-to-end visibility into the application spectrum, including recommendations for a global Rights management platform to integrate with various Financial and Artist Contract systems, while eliminating  expensive solutions for $1.65 billion for a Multinational Music Company.
  • Accelerated the digital Life cycle management transformation of process and technology, created a new technology platform consolidating 300+ multi channel properties: CMS, Search, Video player, Ad Engine etc. for a $14bn US Entertainment Content conglomerate.
HCL Beyond the Contract

What Customers Say

"You made my Group’s week! The increased speed of pulling copy to edit in the HEPMviewer is immensely improved. Once supervisor called it a ‘pleasure’ to use. This has been a real thorn in our critical time. Great Work, thank you!"