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In your business, does IT play the role of strategic enabler? Does it enable superior customer experience? The worldwide application of smartphones has completely transformed the way people communicate and use the internet. So, trends around technology in the retail industry are not driven by technologists but by shoppers. Successful businesses understand not only the products they sell but also the nature of today’s hyper connected consumer. To stay in the game, they need to accelerate the rate of innovation through new strategies and approaches.

Why should you consider HCL?

  • HCL’s ALT ASM™ Framework for the Retail and CPG sector. Maintaining your existing IT systems even while investing in new solutions can be quite challenging, requiring well planned processes. Our ALT ASM™ framework – our alternative view on ASM - has been instrumental in substantially reducing customers’ cost of operations and increasing their productivity. The framework adopts what we call - a “proactive obsolescence” approach - which provides incremental value beyond the traditional ASM contract and unlocks a large amount of working capital from our clients’ ASM spend. This unlocked capital can then be re-invested in newer technologies that enable better customer experience. HCL’s ALT ASM is helping organizations achieve their target of maximizing revenues and minimizing spends.

  • Vast footprint. HCL has been very successful with regards to implementing technology in the retail industry. We deliver an array of end-to-end solutions and services that address the strategic and operational challenges of retail companies. A rich set of retail offerings, accelerators, and partnerships have helped us establish our footprint across the entire retail value chain — from vendor management, planning, supply chain efficiency, store operations, merchandising, and customer loyalty to conceptualizing, building, and managing multiple channels. Multichannel integration empowers the retailer to provide a connected experience through various segments like fashion, home, food & beverage, publishing, business information services, music, and gaming.

  • Valuable alliances. Through strategic partnerships and alliances, we provide a connected experience for customers of numerous Fortune 1000 firms: seven of the top 35 retailers, four of the top ten leisure goods retailers, two of the top three apparel retailers, three of the top ten APAC retailers, and four of the top five retailers in India trust us to deliver value through all phases of the multichannel, digital, and IT transformation journey. Working in a best-of-breed partner ecosystem, helps us identify the latest trends and technology in the retail industry.

  • Business transformation. Our proprietary frameworks enable business transformation across retail segments like apparel, footwear and departmental stores, discount and general merchandise, pharmacy, home improvement and other specialties, and food and grocery. (We’ve invested in over 50 patents, more than 30 vertical IPs, and frameworks and solutions for over 90 consumer-centric business processes in this industry.) We also have deep domain expertise in e-commerce and multichannel integration (examples of our expertise in technology in the retail industry) for niche areas like merchandizing, supply chain management, supplier relationship management, in-store experience, and POS. We’ve invested significantly in innovative solutions for the emerging areas of retail modernization, social commerce, analytics, smart retail, mobility, and next-generation stores experience.

How can HCL help you?

  • One-stop shopping Through our end-to-end services in applications, package implementation and rollout, ERP, BPO, and infrastructure management and operations

  • All-encompassing solutions across all facets of the retail experience, including merchandising, supply chain, multichannel retailing, and retail analytics

  • Specialist solutions in areas like multichannel integration transformation, retail modernizationsmart retail, and direct store delivery

The Services section provides more details about our offerings. Contact us to set up a conversation.

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ALT ASM: HCL’s Alternative to Managing ApplicationsALT ASM: HCL’s Alternative to Managing Applications






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