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Embedded Engineering Services

As organizations are under immense pressure to achieve higher levels of device integration while reducing cost, size, and complexity, the issue of process innovation has become very significant. At HCL, we provide next-generation embedded software engineering solutions to our customers that satisfy their specific business requirements.

HCL is a leader in developing embedded software and systems for various industries and domains. We have expertise in safety-critical embedded systems with more than 2000 person years of cumulative experience in developing small footprint and safety-critical embedded systems for Medical Devices, Automotive Electronics and Aircraft Components. We use our DSP expertise and IPs to develop fast embedded middleware, rich applications and interactive GUI for consumer electronics, computer peripherals and telecom products. Our embedded systems group comprises of a large talent pool of engineers and equipped with competencies in a range of programming tools, microprocessors and real-time operating systems.

What Customers say

"Our software is difficult to understand, debug and maintain.  The HCL team continues to extend their knowledge base with each feature and defect return. Top notch, finely tuned organization!"
- Leading front end semiconductor company