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FCoE is an emerging standard which provides for convergence of IP traffic and SAN traffic over Ethernet:

Partnership: FCoE

  • FCoE would greatly benefit from having Data Center Ethernet
  • FCoE enables SAN traffic to be natively transported over Ethernet links, instead of physical FC links
  • The protocol is being defined by T11 organization INCITS project FC-BB-5
  • HCL has an FCoE solution accelerator that will enormously benefit Ethernet network OEMs in their FCoE Initiatives
  • Cost savings of minimum 40% when compared with traditional effort based approach
  • Faster time to market by squeezing software development timelines by atleast 50%

Read the findings of the study

TAF (Test automation framework)

HCL's TAF is a Generic and extensible test framework for testing product devices based on iSCSI or any such protocol for conformance. TAF also provides framework for developing the automated test cases that are exercised on DUT.

  • Optimizes time, effort & cost in product testing
  • Eases test automation process
  • Dedicated technical support team
  • User documentation with training
  • Availability of future enhancements

SMI-S Framework

Development Framework for SMI-S Providers

SMI-S Provider Development Framework enables vendors to reduce time-to-market of SMI-S compliant products. The framework can be used to develop SMI-S provider for any storage device. Products with SMI-S provider ensure interoperability and simplified management of enterprise SAN environments.

  • Support for Instance, Method and Association Providers
  • Facade Design Pattern
  • CIMOM Neutral
  • Potentially can save around 15% provider development effort.
CIMOM Neutral
  • Potentially can save around 15% provider development effort

HCL has built multiple reusable capsules, solution accelerators, and frameworks that can be utilized in projects for faster time market.

HCL server & storage solution accelerators

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