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Migration ++

HCL’s Engineering Services - Online practice has launched Migration++ consulting framework to fuel and speed up the cloud journey of enterprises. HCL Migration++ provides a rich set of processes, tools and frameworks to enable customers to not only migrate their business to Windows Azure but also effectively manage applications on Windows Azure. Migration++ has three key loosely coupled modules called Application Assessment, Migration and Execution/ Management.

HCL Migration++ consulting framework

Salient Features of Migration++ are:

  • Consulting Assessment Framework to guide the customer about whether or not their product /application is right for Windows Azure. It provides high level detailed assessment reports based on application & business characteristics, thereby enabling right decisions
  • Tools driven code assessment for .NET application which reduces human error and provides right complexity of migration
  • Application re-architecture consulting to adhere to cloud standards
  • Data migration from on-premise apps to SQL Azure/ Azure Table/ Blobs
  • Customized testing process for effective utilization of cloud infrastructure
  • Strong scenarios/ reusable component library to smoothen Windows Azure adoption (security, hybrid scenario, diagnostic, auto scale up/ down)
  • "Cirrus" multi-threaded framework to provide end-to-end application management on Windows Azure

Cirrus is HCL's ITSM tool which provides end-to-end application management on Windows Azure. The various features and benefits of Cirrus are:

  • End-to-end storage management
  • Application performance monitoring/ Event viewer monitoring
  • Data Migration/ Export/ Import
  • Release management (smooth deployment)
  • Subscription management - manage multiple accounts from same window
  • Built on cutting-edge technologies to give a modern user experience to the end customer
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