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Supply Chain Planning Package Assessment – Focused clarity on undefined business needs

Published Date: 
Dec 22, 2011
  • One of the world’s leading Specialty Chemicals manufacturer with a revenue of around $ 2.2 Billion
  • Corporate Headquarters at Boston, US with operating companies all around the world – Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific
  • Specialized in specialty grade carbon black, inkjet colorant, fumed metal oxides among others
  • Low Demand Forecasting accuracy & manual S&OP, causing long cycle times
  • Multiple manual handoffs in the Supply and Procurement Planning process
  • Poor visibility of inventory across the complete supply chain - no real time on – hand inventory, no feedstock inventory at global level
  • Unable to run what – if analysis for Demand Planning, Supply Planning and Procurement Planning
  • Current version of the installed JDA – Manugistics was 10 years old and had not been upgraded since then
  • Limitation of the existing JDA – Manugistics required development of external applications, processes eg: Aggregation, DFU – SKU mapping
  • Difficult to support the existing system, which was heterogeneous and aging
  • HCL used a phased approach for evaluating the two products
  • Workshops were conducted to gather the global supply chain requirement to identify leakage areas
  • Requirements were divided as critical and important and rated separately mapped to the current technology
  • Product fitness assessment was conducted on three dimensions –
  • Functional
  • Technical
  • Adoption
Process & Technology Areas
  • Process Areas:
  • Demand Planning
  • Inventory Replenishment Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Procurement Planning
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Products Evaluated:
  • JDA– Manugistics & Oracle
Benefits Delivered
  • Unbiased/Objective analysis to top management on the final choice
  • Clarity on undefined business needs / requirements
  • Information of TCO on the evaluated products for better informed decisions
  • Flexibility of adapting package selection methodology to unique needs of the client
  • Managing scope creep while maintaining focus on the key objectives and project timelines
  • Carefully balancing the needs (and conflicts!) of corporate IT and Operations

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