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HCL implements SOA in enterprises through standard patterns such as ESBs. We also offer upgrades, consolidations, and integration of ESBs.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is at the heart of the ERP system. ERP SOA can be used to store similar data to be shared by various functional areas in an integrated system.

While SOA is appropriate for application integration, modern application development paradigms require the support of APIs. We offer services that extend existing SOA implementations to create API platforms, API gateways, or API delivery mechanisms. We also offer cloud-based delivery of APIs for partners, clients, and internal developers.  

Based on the customer need and readiness, we can also set up a center for excellence, at the right maturity level, with our starter kits, including templates, best practices, and tools, and provide cloud instances to be used for testing and development.

Why HCL for SOA Services

There are a lot of pieces that need to come together for the success of SOA, but the question always is how? By engaging with HCL, your SOA initiative will receive an impetus.

  1. Pragmatic & iterative approach to SOA adoption for enterprises
  2. Delivery of SOA using our unique methodologies, frameworks, IPs & tools
  3. Dedicated SOA Center of Excellence whose charter is to develop unique tools, IP, and SOA-centric books and whitepapers
  4. Process flexibility and cost efficient automation
  5. SOA Services Development
  6. SOA - based Engineering Services
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