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Engineering Services

HCL provides end-to-end product engineering services for telecom companies across the network spectrum. With capabilities in wireless, unified communications, switching and routing, value added services, and IP-based multimedia services (IMS), HCL has delivered significant cost optimization across global engagements whileworking with three of the top seven Fortune 500 communication services providers (CSPs), five of the top seven original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), fourtop handset manufacturers, and the three top value added services (VAS) solution providers.

  • Wireless Services:HCL's wireless capability includes product development, conformance and certification, testing, and embedded services across various technology domains. Read more >>
  • Unified Communications: HCL has more than 15 years of experience in unified communications engineering, and has a partnership with two of the top three unified communications providers. We provide end-to-end solutions for various devices, including desktops, mobiles, VoIP devices, tablets, PBX/soft switch, enterprise routers, and switches. Read more >>
  • Value Added Services: HCL provides value added services to its networking and telecom customers, which include mobile platforms, media delivery optimization, and multimedia messaging. Read more >>
  • VLSI, ASIC & FPGA Services: HCL provides concept to silicon VLSI engineering services to its telecom and networking customers. Read more >>
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