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Event Management Solutions

HCL’s event management solution provides functionality covering pre-event, during event and post- event related activities. The features also extend to inviting attendees, booking rooms, selecting menus, uploading pictures, presentations, A/Vs and more.  The event management solution has interfaces for CRS, PMS, CRM and other systems.

Solution Capabilities

  • Search features
  • Reservation and bookings for conference rooms, designing their layout, food and beverage, and other amenities
  • Personalized website for the event
  • Discussion forum and feedback
  • Interfaces with other hotel systems

HCL Event Management Solution

Users & Features

HCL Event Management Solution


HCL’s event management solution provides the following key benefits:

  • Increased revenue generation through events
  • Enhanced customer experience across pre-event, event, and post event activities
  • Paperless management of events
  • Seamless integration with multiple, disparate systems
  • Reduced response time to customer bookings
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