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Cross Docking IT

Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) today serve global supply chains, which have expanded capacities worldwide by organic and inorganic growth. The industry has always been volume-driven, with wafer thin margins, which have been further squeezed by uncertain demand during the recessionary period. The ability of logistics players to respond to these challenges is limited due to their environment characterized by:

  • Multiple IT systems running in silos
  • Lack of ‘one-version of truth’ for data
  • Disparate IT systems
  • No means of providing enterprise visibility

The challenge posed to IT is to improve visibility and provide a unified view of business to manage demand and supply.

Solution Highlights

HCL’s Cross Docking IT framework enables you to align your IT applications with your business functions.

The three-stage framework with five phases covers the entire spectrum of your IT system to let the CIO focus on quantifiable business benefits from IT activities. With its business process orientation, it will make the LSP’s IT landscape more optimized and nimble, thus providing it an edge in today’s challenging environment.

The three stages of Cross Docking IT are:

  • Reflect: HCL will analyze the ‘as-is’ state of the LSP to "Discover" the landscape. After achieving steady state, HCL will "Watch" the IT landscape for identification of continuous improvement opportunities
  • Rationalize: HCL will use its tools to assess possibilities to optimize and build a business case for each scenario for objective decision-making
  • Respond: HCL will "Build" the IT architecture in line with the strategy defined by business. We will also use our expertise to "Run" the client IT to achieve cost and efficiency objectives


What Customers say

"HCL has built a solid reputation of providing industry-leading IT application and infrastructure services. Given their commitment to the transportation and logistics industry, willingness to invest in our success, and unwavering commitment to excellence, HCL was the right choice"
- Senior Vice President and CIO, a leading 3PL company

“I know we asked the HCL team to do this extra work which was not part of any official project or SOW and you just got it done for us.. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this kind of gesture.. you could have pushed back and said ‘we are too busy with other things’ or got into a cost discussion (which would not have been unreasonable as it is extra work) but you did not, and also made several revisions at my request,  to ensure the new menu views are perfect..  so hat’s off to you for accommodating this, in the midst of trying to keep to all the other deadlines.. Its all hugely appreciated and simply once more, reconfirms why HCL is such a great team to work with.. HCL just continues to surpass customer expectations.. the work they are doing right now is phenomenal”
- Vice President, Revenue Management, leading hospitality chain