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Mobile Data Terminal

Due to the continued absence of real-time connectivity to legacy applications while in the field, MOW and other remote project managers may not be able to accurately associate all the costs (time and materials) to a specific project. Information is recorded in the field manually using pen and paper with data entry into the legacy system after the reporting manager has returned to the station/ terminal with access to the IT system.

With a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), the user can enter the data in real-time and the information is transmitted to the legacy system immediately. If the connection is down while in the field, the MDT queues/ stores the information until the connection has been successfully re-established, at which point the information within the MDT is updated to the legacy system. The information is entered once for system recording, reducing the time spent by managers in documenting project status updates.

Potential rail applications for the MDT include Maintenance of Way, Maintenance and Repair (Rip Track), Signals and Communication, and Industrial Switching. HCL’s solution aims at providing communication and connectivity with service personnel in the field. It also enables tracking job status and enhancing response time to engineering, customer service, and maintenance legacy systems in real-time.

Mobile Data Terminal Solution Highlights

  • Effective, detailed and complete control on service process
  • Real-time updates of information on projects and deviations to the system
  • Drill down to individual operational locations and resources in field
  • Powerful planning module that enables effective planning


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