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Wireless Yard Switching

Wireless yard switching has been widely implemented over the past 10 years. This solution has increased the productivity and the safety for yard switching crews within the constantly changing and bustling yard environment. The current version of a wireless yard switching application is manually operated by the yard crewmen.

HCL’s solution provides an automated process that “reads” the legacy system switch list (consist) where each car in the list has been “marked up” (indicating the yard track) for further disposition (industry switcher for loading/ unloading and outbound train consist). After reading the switch list, it sends the signal to the yard switch control panel to manipulate the yard switches according to the marked up switch list increasing the productivity and safety of the switching crew while reducing labor costs in the yard switching environment.

Solution Highlights

  • Effective control of switching operation
  • Yard switching in sequential order marked as per the switch list
  • Improved communication and safety for yard personnel
  • Centralized system-driven switching operation for car disposition within the classification yard
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