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Air travel as a mode of transportation has gained currency for business and personal travelers across the globe. The increased demand for traveling via air has induced the aspirational need of passengers for a prompt, secure and safe experience. This has put incremental pressure on airport administration, mandated by the security establishments of the country, to deliver a more secure and expeditious screening mechanism to enhance the air traveler’s experience.

Thus, the requirement for enabling security has mandated U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to establish stringent security measures. This has led to investing more time in the screening process and proportional increase in the security check queue. AeroPASS was introduced by the TSA and ALPA to give working airline crew expedited clearance through the TSA security checkpoints at airports in the U.S.

With the aim of providing sterile area security for airline crew members, we have created a next generation security solution that delineates the enhanced security process through the ease of implementation and use. Our unique solution is based on real-time Personal Identity Verification (PIV) approach by leveraging significant existing capabilities and infrastructure for PIV authentication and secure credentialing using fingerprint biometrics.

Solution Highlights

  • Subscription-based enrolment services for airline crew members including pilots and flight attendants
  • Credential check software for card validation using PKI certificates
  • Crew member authentication using fingerprint biometrics
  • Billing and payment options as per requirements


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