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Service Management Platforms: Powering the next wave of cloud adoption in association with Cloud Slam’11 cloud computing virtual conference

Wed, 2011-04-20 14:00 to 14:50
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Service Providers, be it Independent Software Vendors or Telecom Service Providers are having their ecosystems shaken up with the advent of cloud computing. Combined pressures of customer demand based pull and cloud vendor supply based push are setting up the field for interesting times ahead.

ISVs looking to embrace the cloud to sell software are

  • Grappling with legacy products and their inability to unlock the economies of scale that the cloud promises.
  • Faced with expensive re-engineering efforts that are fraught with risk to transform their products to be cloud ready.
  • Coming to terms with enterprise customers clamouring for on-demand subscription business models – A move away from the traditional licensing paradigm.
  • Staring at an opportunity to offer not only their software as a service but extend the platforms that deliver these to double up as a cloud service aggregation platform and/or developer platforms. These could then go on to become service marketplaces
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