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CyberScan (Online IP Infringement Detection Service)

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Jul 07, 2011
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Among the most profitable modern businesses on the internet today are media and content providers, and the  biggest threat to their profits is  from  piracy of their copywritten products. Companies, especially, in the entertainment, software, and publishing industries continue to lose profits from the proliferation of pirated content being available on a vast number of sites illegally. HCL, a leading  global  IT  service companyhas now tapped its proprietary skills and tools to develop a software solution that seeks out and protects against illegal hosting or linking of sold material. 

Excerpts from the Paper
Trying to stop online piracy and illegal distribution of content on the internet is nothing new. Like hiring security guards for a store front, combating online theft can be both costly and have unique challenges. Further, the criminal sites respond to business attempts to find and remove illegitimate and illegal content with increasing technical sophistication. Not only must the sites hosting pirated material be identified, but the sites that link to their hacked content. HCL CyberScan can help any business protect their key intellectual property. As online piracy continues to grow exponentially, companies must remain vigilant with technology to minimize copyright infringement and its resulting profit loss. Our unique solution is a new and effective way to combat online piracy, IP theft and illegal distribution by using automation and the latest internet/cloud technologies. 

Let CyberScan stop piracy and secure your profits.


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