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Real world enterprise SOA implementations using JCAPS

Published Date: 
Dec 25, 2007
Business enterprises have grown in size and markets they serve and their application systems have also become more complex. The need for application programming interfaces between these systems to share the data stored in these heterogeneous systems has escalated. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) provides the means of integrating these disparate applications within the enterprise. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables reuse of services. Emerging EAI tools help build integration as services and maximize reuse and the return on investment (ROI).

Excerpts from the Paper
Sun Java  Composite  Application  Suite (Sun JCAPS) provides an open source platform which enables enterprises to maximize their IT assets through easy integration of their IT systems such as ERPs, CRMs and custom applications, automating the business processes and easy partner integration. The scope of this paper is to highlight HCL’s real world SOA implementation using Sun JCAPS in a financial industry and beverages industry.

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