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Siebel CRM Solutions for Casinos

Published Date: 
Mar 16, 2007

By 2010, the global Casino & Gaming sector is forecast to have a value of $387.5 billion - an increase of 29.7% since 2005. All casinos are looking forward to grow with the industry…which has resulted in Casinos becoming very competitive and complex enterprises. Just as it’s very hard for anyone who visits Las Vegas to miss sighting the MGM Grand, Harrah’s or Caesar’s Palace, it is equally difficult for Casinos to miss tracking a patron in their property. The competition is so intense that every whale, high-roller and patron in a Casino counts, and Casinos leave no stones unturned to retain existing patrons while simultaneously acquiring new ones.

Excerpts from the Paper
Today, almost all Casinos have an existing operational CRM infrastructure that is used to manage customers and automate existing CRM processes.  With Casinos focusing on customer centricity like never before, the existing operational CRM infrastructure which is still a necessity, is not sufficient. As Casinos mature, their CRM systems need to evolve from operational (process automation focused) to collaborative (customer interaction focused) to analytical (customer insight focused) systems. How and when this evolution happens is very critical to a Casino’s overall growth strategy.
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