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Understanding Siebel 8 Upgrade

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Published Date: 
Aug 17, 2007
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Every application upgrade an organization undertakes is an attempt to catch up with the growing demands of stakeholders to make the application serve them. The nature and complexity of the upgrade is a function of the gap between what the application currently provides, and what is expected of it in the near and mid term. The nature of the upgrade is also a function of the context in which the current application exists today. This context is defined by several factors like the extent of customization, the number of integration points, the age of the application, the business processes being followed, and the product roadmap of the product vendor, and so on.

Excerpts from the Paper
An Upgrade, without doubt, is a great way to access the enhanced functionality of Siebel’s latest offering, which in turn can result in great customer service, effective marketing, and result oriented sales performance. As the world’s foremost CRM solutions provider, Siebel is finding innovative ways to make its products better and more effective, by applying features like analytics, service capabilities, and industry focused solutions to its new releases. It is therefore logical for any organization to make the most of it, by adopting the latest solutions to derive business value. 
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