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Transforming Store Operations and Customer Experience

Published Date: 
Feb 20, 2012
Retailers are in the process of building mobile applications, seeing an opportunity to enable one-to-one marketing and improve customer experience. Retail supply chains have become increasingly global and complex, presenting greater challenges in managing supply and demand. New customers and distribution channels have developed, enhanced by technological innovations and geographical expansion. Existing channels are under pressure and require constant change to retain market position. Retailers have long used mobile devices for inventory purposes, but now they are racing to catch up with their customers’ broad use of mobility.

There is a strong demand for customer-facing mobility solutions and solutions for mobilizing store associates to enable better customer service. In countless ways, mobility is boosting business productivity, speed and responsiveness. Tools like notebook computers, PDAs, cell phones, Wi-Fi networks and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have turned ‘business on the move’ into ‘business as usual’. At the same time, a number of organizations have also implemented mobility in a tactical and piecemeal manner, not realizing the gains possible from adopting a true strategic approach to mobility.

The potential benefits of becoming a mobile enterprise are – utilizing new ways of streamlining operations, reducing costs, increasing workforce productivity and cash-on the power of real-time response. We believe mobility will let companies transcend distance and connectivity issues, create a virtual, personalized space for collaboration and empower front-line workers to make better, faster decisions.

This whitepaper elaborates the vision to show how mobility will impact/ influence the consumer shopping experience and improve retail value chain processes, by enhancing workflow, increasing the speed of business transactions with near realtime communication between enterprise systems and personnel and providing better modes of reporting and management for a variety of stakeholders across the retail value chain.

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