Empower customers to remotely solve common problems

Reduce call volume for common problems leveraging iCE.SelfCare as an enabler

Reduce call handle times for customer care

Elevate your customer care support with deep insights into Customer’s network to quickly isolate and solve problems

Life cycle Device Management of Video, Voice, and Data Services

Leverage one platform across your organization to optimize Device deployment and ongoing Remote Device Management

Improved Connected Experience

In today’s connected world, the growth of complex connected devices is accelerating day by day. Global organizations across Telecom and Industrial verticals are adopting solutions that:

  • Enable successful digital transformation projects
  • Realize business goals that improve productivity, efficiencies, and operational excellence
  • Solve the increased complexity of managing multiple networks and device types
  • Simplify management across the connectivity and device layers supporting multiple user needs

HCL offers an array of Smart, Secure, and Scalable products to enhance your customer experience in the connected world. These solutions cut across Voice, Data, Video, Mobility, and IoT segments.

Business Benefits


  • Full Life Cycle Device Management
  • Optimize Operations
  • Enhanced Quality of Service
  • Improved Time to Market


  • Reduced Truck Rolls
  • Reduced Call Volumes
  • Whole Home Analytics
  • Remote Actions


  • Micro-service Architecture
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Device Agnostic
  • Advanced Feature sets


iCE.X – Intelligent Connected Experience

Cloud-ready, carrier-grade intelligent remote Device Management Platform for tens of millions of devices.

  • Modular platform with powerful solution components applicable to multiple market verticals and use cases
  • Support multi-domain and multi-standards-based connectivity protocols
  • Real-time insights to enhance operations and accelerate issue resolution

TR-069 Auto Configuration Server (ACS)

TR-069 and WebPA ACS for managing a broad array of devices at scale.

  • Support for all Broadband Forum Data Models
  • Multi-protocol support for non-TR-069-based deployments
  • Over 300+ Device models supported out of the box
  • Rich API for integration to OSS/BSS

SelfCare – End User Management

An enhanced subscriber’s self-care portal.

  • Empower end users to resolve issues instantly
  • Customizable AI/ML-based AutoBot and SmartFAQ
  • Web-based or Mobile Application

Analytics – Insights

Complete suite of QoS/QoE dashboards, operational insights. Build and operationalize new analytics models in days, not months.

  • AI/ML-based predictive analytics and self-healing capabilities
  • Support multi-domain and multi-standards-based connectivity protocols
  • Real-time insights to enhance operations and accelerate issue resolution



Bandwidth consumption and broadband reliability


Sliced by Software-defined Networking – The 5G World


HCL | iCE.X (Intelligent Connected Experience)

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