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HCL Technologies

Why Employees First

In a service organization, is value really created by the top management? Who is the true custodian of client relationships and customer loyalty?

At HCL Technologies, we have shattered the myth that top management is the primary creator of strategic value. We have shown that value creation lies in the hands – and heads and hearts – of our 91,691 employees on 30th June, 2014. The brand identity of a services organization is established and reinforced by the employees, who constantly engage with customers and understand their business pain-points.

Naturally, therefore, we have decided  to put “employees first.”

That means rethinking traditional organizational hierarchies and in many ways inverting the management pyramid, making managers and those in enabling functions as accountable to frontline employees as those employees are to their managers. It means empowering employees with knowledge, resources and infrastructure in a work environment that nurtures innovation.

Quick Facts

  • Inverted the management pyramid with Employees First - shattering the myth that top management is the primary creator of strategic value
  • Empowers employees with the knowledge, resources, and infrastructure through a work environment that nurtures innovation
  • This brought about spectacular results in our revenue growth, market capitalization, customer engagements, and  revenue per employee in the Indian IT industry today
  • Designed a set of processes to further the Employees First philosophy  - Smart Service Desk, Directions, U&I, Public 360-Degree Feedback, and Employee Passion Indicative Count

And it means maximizing returns for our customers. After all, – empowered and motivated employees tend to offer better value in their engagements, directly influencing customer satisfaction.

Not only have we articulated this new management mantra – we are living proof that it works.

In the past three years, HCL Technologies grew at a CAGR of some 25 per cent; saw its market capitalization increase to nearly double; also doubled the number of $10 million, $20 million and $50 million customers and tripled the number of $100 million customers. Our revenue per employee is among the highest in the Indian IT industry today.

HCL Technologies has been featured as one of the most innovative and disruptive companies globally and included in the First Ever “Executive Dream Team” published by Fortune. HCL Technologies emerged as the top-ranking IT services company in Forbes Asia's “Fab 50” list.

Employees First is more than a philosophy, it’s a growing set of processes designed to further that philosophy:

  • Smart Service Desk: An automated query resolution mechanism that makes enabling functions accountable to employees. Any employee with a problem can open a trouble ticket, which is assigned to the manager responsible for resolution within a stipulated time.
  • Directions: An annual interactive event, where the senior management, including with the CEO, meet the employees to discuss company strategy, industry trends and the agenda for the coming year.
  • U&I: An online discussion forum where every employee has an opportunity to raise issues, share thoughts and ideas, and, as such, converse directly with the CEO.
  • Public 360-Degree Feedback: A 360-degree REVIEW program, with a twist: Employees not only review their managers, a manager’s feedback is posted on the intranet.
  • Employee Passion Indicative Count: An annual self-assessment by which employees can identify their “passion drivers,” factors that drive an employee to excel at work. 

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.