Leading Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry through Technology, Innovation, and Execution

The HCL and Guidewire alliance, formed in 2004, focuses on helping property and casualty insurers to successfully implement the Guidewire suite of modern core systems for claims, policy, and billing.

From end-to-end systems implementation to managed services, to introducing innovative new offerings, the relationship has helped 18+ insurance customers across the globe to modernize their core systems with the Guidewire insurance platform.  

Our company philosophy of going “Beyond the Contract” is embedded in our execution methodology, and a key driver behind our success. This philosophy seeks to proactively lower the total cost of ownership for our clients, and provide ongoing service excellence.

Our Vision

We continually strive to be one of the most technically innovative, cost effective and customer focused systems integrators for the Guidewire suite of products.

Through our long experience with the Guidewire platform, we are not only able to reduce implementation risk, but also provide compelling value propositions for our clients across the full Guidewire implementation cycle.

We seek to provide similar value propositions and unique offerings beyond core system replacement, that are focused on the new Guidewire data and digital products. With our industry leading expertise in disruptive new technologies including social, mobile, cloud, big data and IoT (Internet of Things) we believe we are in a unique position to help our insurance clients extend their capabilities beyond their core processing systems, and compete effectively in the new digital world.

Industry Firsts

HCL was one of the first Guidewire partners to implement the full Guidewire suite - ClaimCenter™, PolicyCenter™ & BillingCenter™.

HCL was one of the foremost Guidewire partners to deliver successfully a ‘Big Bang’ conversion, representing one of the largest Policies and Billing Conversions in the industry – converting over 175M records, 1.2TB of notes and 80M documents.

HCL was on one of the first Guidewire partners to recognize the importance of, and to create, a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for Guidewire implementations.


Services and Solutions

HCL provides services and solutions span the complete lifecycle of a Guidewire implementation. Our core services include the following:

  • Implementation Services

Our implementation services can be utilized discretely where needed or ‘end-to-end’ across the full implementation lifecycle, and across the complete Guidewire suite.

Our services are supported by our dedicated Guidewire Center of Excellence (CoE) that develops and maintains project accelerators including standard frameworks, tools, and templates. The CoE ensures that best practices and lessons learned from every implementation are utilized to ensure project success and timely execution.


  • Guidewire Consulting 

We can advise on any aspect of a Guidewire implementation as needed.Most often, our consulting services are utilized during the inception phase to capture business requirements, examine the system landscape and develop an implementation plan.

  • Configuration

Using the Agile methodology and supporting templates and accelerators, HCL’s configuration services help to design and modify the user interface, data model, business rules and workflows of the Guidewire system. Our approach is to leverage out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality as much as possible and limit customization. This helps to manage scope and costs, improve maintainability, and ensure on-time delivery.

  • Integration

Our integration framework supports test-first development, continuous integration and pattern-based development to provide flexible and maintainable code. Supported patterns include real-time, batch and point-to-point integration. These will make use where appropriate of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Extract, Transform and Load tools (ETL).

Our integration framework also contains proprietary accelerators to support common vendor integrations including leading document management solutions.

  • Conversion and Migration

HCL’s migration framework includes methodologies and product specific data conversion accelerators for data analysis and mapping legacy data to the Guidewire suite. Our framework, helps to mitigate the risks and costs of sophisticated data conversions, and was utilized for some of the largest Guidewire conversion projects in the industry.

  • Testing

HCL offers the full range of testing frameworks, tools and templates customized specifically for Guidewire products featuring test coverage for configuration, integration, conversion, and reporting. Our reusable test assets automate much of the testing process. Our testing approach utilizes hybrid agile methodologies, to enable lower cost resources to be used at our delivery centers around the globe.

  • Guidewire Upgrade

Our end-to-end service ranges from Guidewire upgrade assessment to deployment to support and maintenance. It spans across technology, data, infrastructure, and operations while complying with the scale, complexity and unique demands of our clients. Relying on our proven HCL Upgrade Framework, we use our expertise to ensure seamless upgrades, consistent project execution and organized efforts using existing knowledge base, templates, tools, and techniques.

  • Application Support & Maintenance (ASM)

HCL provides production support and maintenance services utilizing a standardized methodology with dedicated tools and established processes. Using our standard operating procedures, we can support your service desk as well as monitor systems performance. With application stability and automation of manual tasks, we can ensure proactive and predictive delivery.

  • Guidewire on Cloud – ‘Insurance –in-a-Box'

HCL’s “Insurance-in-a-box” offering is a cloud-based solution based on Guidewire’s insurance suite. It provides all the benefits of the Guidewire software suite without the need to procure, manage and maintain your own backend infrastructure.

The core components of our solution include:

  • State-of-the-art Microsoft Azure private cloud
  • Hosted access to the Guidewire Insurance Suite - Policy CenterTM, Billing CenterTM and ClaimCenterTM
  • Out–of-the-box customer portal providing mobile as well as desktop access for your clients
  • SQL based reporting server for reporting from Guidewire (this can utilize Guidewire’s DataHub™ and Guidewire InfoCenter™ solutions)

*NOTE: Guidewire, Guidewire PartnerConnect™, Guidewire ClaimCenter®,Guidewire PolicyCenter®, Guidewire BillingCenter® and Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Guidewire Software, Inc.

Consumer Services

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To Enhance operational efficiency and productivity throughout the organization by standardizing policy administration, billing management and claims handling processes on a common platform, HCL Technologies, a partner with Guidewire since 2004, will lead the implementation for New London County Mutual Insurance Company (NLC).Download 


HCL’s “Insurance in a box” offering is a cloud-based solution that leverages modern, proven IT solutions, including the Guidewire product portfolio Download


HCL offers a structured suite of upgrade offerings that all utilize our HCL Upgrade Framework. It constitutes the knowledge base, templates, tools, and best practices to support all types of upgrade scenarios. Download

HCL’s Guidewire Conversion Suite
HCL’s Guidewire Conversion Suite

At HCL we believe that a detailed data migration strategy combined with an experienced team, utilizing our proven practices, tools and methodology goes a long way in mitigating the risks and costs of a complex data conversion effort Download


The implementation partner must have proven experience and extensive capabilities with the product suite, its deployment across a range of insurance products and customers, provide you with a running start and significantly de-risk your implementation. Download


Within Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance, Guidewire provides the foundation for a next generation Insurance platform. HCL is an experienced Guidewire system integrator that can help implement the Guidewire product suite and extend it with additional 21CE technologies as needed. Download


HCL has proven accelerators that we have developed from our experience over years in implementing business rules, test cases, policies, claims and interfaces, using on-premise and cloud solutions. HCL’s Guidewire accelerators help to ensure that Guidewire projects will be delivered on-time and within budget. Download

HCL’s Guidewire Implementation Capability

HCL has been a leading System Integrator for Guidewire since 2004, and is a Guidewire Select Consulting partner, specializing in solutions for the property and casualty (P&C) insurance sector. Download

Our Success stories on Guidewire implementation

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