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Reusable Test Executive Software

Any product undergoes a series of tests during production for satisfying various testing requirements such as functional tests, parametric tests, acceptance tests, environmental stress screening tests, verification and qualification tests.

These tests are of two types:

  1. Internal Test - Test executive communicates directly to Unit Under Test (UUT) and retrieves the result back from the UUT
  2. External Test - External Test involves a test with measuring instruments. It sends the command and retrieves the result from the instrument. The result is then compared with golden values to determine the PASS / FAIL criteria

Test solution developers often have to develop four major components for every test requirement that are User Interfaces: Test engine to run the tests, communication interface to communicate with the UUT, test equipments, and report generation as specified by the user.

HCL's Reusable Test Executive Software (RTES)

To help Test solution developers, HCL has come up with an IP - Reusable Test Executive Software (RTES). The interface is Text Executive software with reusable components. These re-usable components provide benefits such as faster time to market, customizable to user requirement, no programming to be done, proven design and portable application.

Test Executive is generic software designed to perform a diagnostics test in a Unit Under Test (UUT). It comprises of three modules:

  • Test Engine - Test engine executes the test files, sends data and commands to UUT through common communication module. Test engine receives test results as raw data from UUT via common communication module and gives it to report generator for report generation
  • Communication module - Communication module does the data transfer through the communication ports
  • Report Generator - Report generator generates the test reports in user specified format

Test Executive provides a User Interface through which user can select the test sequence. User can run the sequence in manual mode and in profile mode. In Manual mode user can run the sequence once. In Profile mode user can run the sequence for specified number of times. It generates report for the tests performed. User can view the Test Report in View Log mode. The Report can be generated in the customer specified format.


  • Test Executive as executable
  • Communication Module as dll
  • Report Generator as dll
  • Configurable XML files
  • User Manual


Test Executive Reusable Components can be used:

  • In functional diagnostic projects where sequence of tests has to be run
  • In ATP tests at board and unit level
  • In ESS test applications

These components are being used in an Automated Test Equipment (ATE) application where sequences of internal and external tests are executed to verify the UUT. The communication interface with the UUT is through ethernet for which the "Communication module" is configured in TCP/IP mode. The test executive also communicates with measuring equipments through GPIB which also is implemented through this module. Encrypted reports are generated in HTML format for the tests performed and the tests are run under the test engine. The GUI was developed as per the client's requirement. The usage of these re-usable IP resulted in an effort and time reduction of up to 60% of normal development time.

Key Features

  • Test Executive is a configurable application
  • Supports RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP and GPIB communication
  • Communication parameters are configurable
  • Test inputs are configurable through XML files
  • Provides Authentication and Authorization of users
  • Manual and in Profile mode selection
  • UI for customizing UUT details and Test Information
  • Test Report can be obtained in text or in xml format
  • Test Reports are encrypted for security
  • User configurable CRC.CRC 8, 16 and 32 are used to avoid communication errors
  • The communication module and report generator modules are provided as dlls hence can be called in other applications
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.