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HCL Technologies

Simulation and Training

HCL caters to the simulation and training industry by providing engineering support for visual database systems, GIS data analysis functions, and systems simulation.

Visual Database System

HCL manages complete visual database programs and has indigenously developed script-based automated validation processes for visual database models. HCL's visual database development, integration, and optimization services are illustrated below:

  • Visual Database Development : HCL supports the development of high-end airport visual database scenes for LevelD full flight simulator standards by developing the entire taxi mat surface, airport marking, airport lighting systems, airport signage, terrain development, environment features like roads, water bodies, city buildings, trees, and landmarks. Airport components are developed by adhering to airport standards such as ICAO, FAA, etc. and based on the geographic location of the airport.HCL also provides support for the creation of High Level of Detail (HLOD) complex port models and city building models to be used for visual database systems.
  • Visual Database Integration : HCL integrates the imagery, elevation, 2D / 3D models, and cultural features using database generation system tools. HCL has successfully integrated around 50 airports and validated them using Image Generators (IG). HCL has a thorough understanding of how to perform the upgrade and downgrade of existing visual database systems based on IG configuration.
  • Visual Database Optimization : HCL utilizes optimization techniques like polygon budgeting, texture grouping, and LOD assignment to optimize the entire visual database, and applies them to ensure smooth and continuous rendering of visual scenes. HCL's visual database models provide extreme realism through sharp and high quality day/night textures for both summer and winter scenes, which in turn greatly reduces the polygon count.

GIS Data Analysis Functions

HCL analyzes spatial and attribute data to perform the following functions using GIS data analysis tools:

  • Format transformation: Format transformation of spatial data (from the raster format to the vector data structure) helps to get the data into acceptable GIS data analysis formats.
  • Geometric transformation: Geometric transformation registers the map or the data layer to the ground coordinates. 
  • Projection transformation: Projection transformation helps adjust any distortion in area, shape, distance, or direction by applying the correct projection system.
  • Edge matching: Edge matching is a process used to identify and adjust the position of the features extending across map boundaries.
  • Overlay: Diverse data sets are combined to create a composite map, which can be interpolated to find a value in the data set.

Aircraft System Simulation

HCL leverages its aircraft systems domain experience in the flight simulation industry by providing customized flight systems that can be deployed on full flight simulators mainly for training pilots and maintenance technicians. We have a dedicated wing working on system simulation for aircrafts and helicopters. We also design and develop systems for flight control, fuel, hydraulics, bleed control, and environment control for full flight simulators. System simulation follows a standard design and development cycle, broadly comprising of:

  • System Design and Requirements Gathering:  Involves understanding customer needs and developing system designs using SysML. System requirements are captured using the IBM Rational DOORS tool.
  • System Modelling: System model development using tools like MATLAB and Simulink.
  • Verification & Validation: Testing the developed model against the requirements to ensure that the system behaves as expected.
  • Systems Integration: Various aircraft systems are integrated and tested on a bench to ensure full functional quality.

Tool Expertise 

Visual Database Development

  • Presagis Creator
  • Presagis Terravista
  • Other customer proprietary tools which include DBGS tools, image generators, plugins etc.



GIS Data Analysis and Functions

  • ESRI Arcmap
  • Global Mapper

Aircraft System Simulation

  • IBM Rational DOORS
  • Simulink

Snapshot for the samples

Snapshot for the samples  Snapshot for the samples  HCL: Snapshot for the samples - Earth

Snapshot for the samples  HCL: Snapshot for the samples - Building 1  HCL: Snapshot for the samples - Building 2

HCL: Snapshot for the samples - Palace

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.