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The Public Services industry today is in the middle of disruptive technology changes, new business models are emerging, companies are scaling in new market with innovative products and service; hence an enormous amount of capital is required to manage and grow with these changes. HCL’s unique philosophy of Unlocking Capital through its proactive obsolescence approach of application management - ALT ASM™ will enable application support & maintenance to be your business driver rather than being business as usual.

ALT ASM™- HCL’s alternative in application support & maintenance

Enhanced Visibility

  • Application Landscape Assessment enabled by PRIZM™ to categorize applications into one to invest in, apps to maintain & apps to dis-invest
  • Improved Service Quality & reduced incidents with scientific management of IT Landscape using PRIZM™
  • Proactive Business Process Monitoring for key processes impacting business KPIs through ProcessWatch™ and ProVantage™
  • Engagement visibility & transparency of service quality through Co-Managed IT & my dashboard

Accelarated Velocity

  • Reduced Risk & Improved Efficiency through Engagement Flexibility
  • Enhanced Platform Stability through Proactive & Predictive Delivery
  • Increased efficiency with cross/up skilling through the Business Aligned Target Operating Model

Greater Value

  • Guaranteed 30%+ Cost Reduction using the ALT ASM™ framework, HCL’s Gold Standard for ASM
  • Reinvest 3% to 10% of TCV as value generation, in the form of transformation consulting assignments which result in transformation opportunities being identified
  • Significant application landscape modernization leading to TCO reduction through Self-Funded APO & Shift-to-Cloud
  • Differentiated Service Delivery enabling release of client’s SME bandwidth from non-strategic apps

A CIO’s objectives continue to focus on positively impacting the bottom line while reducing the cost of IT operations and at the same time delivering a reliable and cost effective IT infrastructure.  Most business leader’s look up to the CIO to deliver a differentiation in this commoditized market. The CIO’s challenges are characterized by highly skilled resources tied up in operational activities with minimal bandwidth for transformation, minimal visibility into the business impact of IT and lack of documentation and business process mapping which locks in information among few key resources.

Application Support and Maintenance (ASM), is one area within Technology management where changing the way of doing business can positively impact the bottom line with savings being utilized to fund transformational activities. But most IT organizations are ill equipped to provide the right resources, frameworks and skills to support this alternate way of doing business.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.