HCL has been recognized as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Research Quadrant for IoT - Transformational Services, Technology, Solutions, Platforms and Industries - Manufacturing , USA 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to connectivity across devices, machines, data, systems and objects. The entire physical world is being pulled in together in a connected ecosystem through sensors and responses. Capturing vital data and generating meaningful results and insights from these sensors has been the core of the connected ecosystem. Trillions of devices are connected, and each day, new connectivity is adding to the pool of information being captured in real time.

The manufacturing vertical has been one of the frontrunners in adopting IoT technology to improve operations and the supply chain. Shop floors increasingly use networked sensors and intelligent devices that collect data, share it wirelessly and use analytics and machine learning to reduce machine downtime. The services range from asset tracking, preventive maintenance, manufacturing process monitoring, diagnostics and real-time demand fulfilment to advanced analytics for predictive maintenance.

HCL’s IoTWoRKS has a framework for manufacturing services and has offerings across the value chain from consulting to managed services. Logistics, inventory management, shop floor automation, IT/OT integration, manufacturing analytics, quality analytics, field services, environmental, health and safety solutions and more form the core of HCL’s manufacturing solutions. Technology mapping and business consulting are part of its smart manufacturing/Industry 4.0 offerings. HCL has more than 60 percent of its active manufacturing clients in the U.S.

As per the report, HCL improves the cost, productivity and efficiency, enhances customer experiences and leads the market in this space.

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