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Helping Enterprises Make the Big Leap Ahead

IDC writes a report post the Analyst & Advisor Day event. The report focuses on HCL's strategy and results in ensuring growth while changing to a 3rd Platform services company with a focus on digital, automation, cloud, and IoT transformation. HCL has created a set of critical building blocks to continue growing its business with a future focus on experience-centric and outcome-oriented businesses such as BYONDigital, IoTWorks, Cloud, and Cyber Security, that includes its DRYiCE automation platform, and HCL's ecosystem-driven businesses that include its products and platforms involving unique IP that can be scaled for future opportunities. IDC believes that these capabilities can enable HCL not only to move along a more non-linear curve of productivity, but also help enterprises make the big leap ahead (Source: Helping Enterprises Make the Big Leap Ahead, Nov 2016, Doc #US42128316)