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“DRYiCE Automation framework is comprehensive and practical” – Everest Group

In today's digital age where "applications are the business", establishing an agile, resilient and cost-effective IT infrastructure has become critical for enterprises, as they look to build and push new products into the market faster than competition. This need has translated into increased investments in cloud, converged infrastructure and operational analytics from these organizations.

However, most enterprises continue to struggle to reap benefits of their investments and one of the key reasons for this is the lack of "coherent and business context-centered" IT infrastructure services automation strategy. To help enterprises choose the right partner in their automation journey, Everest Group has evaluated 15 IT service providers across vision, scale & nature of operations, and domain investments.

HCL has emerged as a leader and the top service provider among all IOPs. Everest Group cites HCL's success to a comprehensive and practical automation framework, DRYiCE. DRYiCE transforms the 21st century enterprise leveraging Artificial intelligence, Cognitive computing, automation, and orchestration with a core focus on customer-centricity, outcome-focused value creation, pro-human machine augmentation, and enabling a workforce to be up-placed to do higher order tasks leading to positive and consistent social, cultural, and economic growth across all stakeholders.

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