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Mainframe and Midrange Services

HCL understands that the Mainframe & Midrange platform is fundamental to large global organizations in the current context. At the same time, this platform has certain unique needs that have been analyzed by HCL to come up with its offerings. HCL’s services for this sector are among its more mature offerings, presented to the Fortune customers across the globe.

HCL’s services on the Mainframe & Midrange platform have been conceptualized based on its intimate knowledge of customer’s business processes, architecture and the broader ecosystem in which businesses operate today. We offer end-to-end solutions, where our services help customers run business as usual, develop & enhance custom applications and transform their legacy applications.

Our services and propositions are backed by proven methodologies, frameworks, tools and processes. We are partners with IBM, Micro Focus, CA, Clerity, Metalogic Systems, Blue Phoenix, BMC Software and Transoft. We have customers across the globe in multiple industry verticals like Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transportation, and Travel & Logistics.

Today our 15 years old practice in Mainframe and Midrange services is powered by over 2,500 consultants with a consolidated experience of over 22,000 person years, servicing over 90 delighted customers across the globe.

Our Specialized Services for Mainframes

Our services provide end to end solutions on Mainframe technologies, including Business as Usual (BAU) services to innovative and cutting edge solutions. These services demonstrate a perfect alignment to customer's business priorities and challenges.

  • Integrated Operations & Application Management Services (IOAMS): We provide a complete range of integrated services to maintain mainframe infrastructure, database, storage, network and applications. Our IOAMS service offering combines the best of infrastructure operations and application management services to deliver value to a customer... Read More
  • Mainframe Application Decommissioning Services: We provide a structured approach to retire mainframe applications in an orderly manner, so as to provide a logical conclusion to a migration, modernization or re-hosting project. Our solution is based on the industry-proven methodology which enables customers to complete decommissioning of their obsolete systems without any hassle and ensures cost effectiveness... Read More
  • Mainframe Application Development, Maintenance & Support Services: We have around 15+ years of experience in developing, maintaining and supporting critical applications running on mainframes for financial institutions, insurance companies, aircraft manufacturers, travel, transportation & logistics providers and organizations in retail, life sciences, health care, media & entertainment domains. We have a proven track record of delivering value to the customer by reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for their mainframe applications... Read More
  • Mainframe Consulting Services: We provide consulting services to assess portfolio of legacy applications and advice customers on migration, modernization, performance management, zCloud implementation, mainframe re-hosting, SOA implementation and more. We also evaluate products/tools on the mainframe... Read More
  • Mainframe Migration Services: We offer migration services that can lower the costs and risks of migrating legacy applications, languages, databases and platforms. We utilize a proprietary Migration Factory approach to ensure that migration projects are delivered on time, budget and cost... Read More
  • Mainframe Modernization Services: We modernize legacy applications to enable them to participate in an agile, flexible and business aligned IT environment. We have proven methodologies to ensure that legacy assets are able to deliver value by integrating them with modern service-based architecture... Read More
  • Mainframe Product Engineering Services: We develop, maintain & test products for leading mainframe Independent Software Vendors (ISV) by using our proprietary product engineering framework. We accelarate product development and time to market by utilizing our technical and domain expertise... Read More
  • Mainframe Re-hosting Services: We have a proven methodology, tools and solutions to migrate applications away from the mainframe by re-hosting the application to Windows, Unix or Linux environments , thereby significantly reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for mainframe applications... Read More
  • Mainframe Testing Services: We provide independent verification and validation services for mainframe applications. We offer a full suite of testing services on the mainframe including Functional, Integration, Regression, Performance, Load, Stress, Security, Vulnerability and Disaster Recovery Testing... Read More
  • Mainframe Managed Tools as a Service (MFMTaaS)
  • Mainframe Performance Management Services: We can optimize workloads running on the mainframe to improve CPU utilization, throughput, concurreny and response time. Our services have helped customers reduce operating costs, improve availability of online regions and defer expensive hardware upgrades... Read More
  • Mainframe zCloud Implementation Services: We can implement virtualization in mainframes to reduce Total Cost of Operations (TCO) of data centers. We also provide services to integrate legacy mainframe applications with private/public cloud infrastructure... Read More
  • zTPF Services: We offer end-to-end services for mission critical applications running on TPF, zTPF and ALCS. Our consultant have hands-on experience in TPF/ALCS environment and have worked on all major functional domains such as Travel, Hospitality, Banking and Financial Services... Read More
  • "System i" Modernization Services: HCL understands that there is no silver bullet to address modernization concerns and your needs can be varied... Read More
  • iSeries Consulting Services: Building on HCL's maturity in technology and experience in handling few of the largest iSeries customer installations, our consulting line of services ensures that customers enjoy an effective, efficient and productive IT infrastructure operation... Read More
  • iSeries Integrated Operations and Application Support: The integrated operations and management services work on the principle of ‘Customer Delight’ through predictable, consistent processes and ITIL compliant interfaces... Read More
  • “System i” Product Engineering: The midrange practice runs dedicated Product Competency Centers as virtual extensions for a number of world class ERP companies, significantly reducing their costs and Time-to-Market... Read More
  • Re-Platform to the iSeries: Challenged with increasing sustenance cost and a compulsive need to improve the accessibility of legacy applications aggravated due to shrinking pool of legacy programming resources, re-hosting to the “System i” could be an option you would like to evaluate... Read More
  • “System i” Migration Services: Whatever be the drivers for your migration to or out of the System i, HCL has solutions for every component and phase. Our automation tools can bring about significant savings of upto 60% for select components... Read More

Our Specialized Services for Midrange

HCL provides end-to-end midrange services across the services chain from application maintenance and support to higher-end services such as product development, systems programming and legacy performance management.

HCL Midrange services

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.