Automation and Orchestration: Cognitive Computing & Robotic Process Automation Solutions | HCL Technologies

    Date: October 29 - November 1, 2018

    Time: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM MYT

    Venue: InterContinental, Singapore

  • iAssure


  • iControl

    End-to-End intelligent and proactive process flow monitoring for enterprise IT and business


    Arne Damvin, EVP & Head of IT Operations & Service Integration, DNB shares insights on their IT automation journey, challenges & the importance of stable IT infrastructure. HCL helped bringing automation to their IT operations with iAssure.


DRYiCE is a division of HCL Technologies that is focused on building AI-powered products and platforms for the digital world. These products and platforms leverage the world’s best AI technology, IT automation, and robotic process automation to enable enterprises to operate leaner, faster, and in a cost-efficient manner, while ensuring superior business outcomes. DRYiCE will be the AI foundation for the Digital-Age Enterprise.

Our Vision is to transform & simplify IT, Business & Digital Operations leveraging Artificial Intelligence.




IT Services

Business Processes

Digital Operations

Business Services






Acceletated Services Integration and Management on Industry Proven Best Practices GBP

Service Exchange Powering the 'XaaS' Enterprise

Enterprise Wide Service Managment that is Cloud-Native


Business Flow Monitoring and Operational Intelligence

A.I. Enabled Cognitive
Virtual Assistant

AI-powered Service
Assurance Platform


A business-ready hosted platform
for enterprise tools

Zero-touch fully
Automated Operations


IT Operations

IT Operations (infrastructure & Ops, Application Support, DevOps)

DRYiCE offers comprehensive autonomics & orchestration solutions across the IT operations – be it streamlining maintenance & support using cognitive technologies, intelligent event management, predictive analytics based remediation, algorithm based real-time reporting etc. It also extends to workplace services through a virtual service desk that uses the power of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to simplify L0 and L1 requests, provide self-help and self-heal, and productivity enhancement systems.

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Application Delivery

Application Delivery (Agile Apps Development, DevOps, Testing)

In the modern era, where being agile & responsive decides business growth & customer experience, enterprises are eagerly looking for ways to shorten go-to-market and provide operations support in a seamless manner. By leveraging the power of Autonomics, DRYiCE enables organizations deploy applications at a rapid pace with the use of A.I and Automation enabled products powering every aspect of application life cycle. It helps modern app developers harness the true power of DevOps.

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Business Processes

Business Process

Do your business processes have various steps with complicated routes? Do they involve repeatable, time-consuming tasks? Do they involve “orchestration” across multiple systems, sub-processes, departments and even companies? While process automation can only provide siloed solutions, it is time that organizations employ an evolved and intelligent version of automation.
DRYiCE brings together the best of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP enabled cognitive assistant, orchestration and process automation to deliver benefits beyond traditional RPA.

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XaaS – Everything as a Service

XaaS – Everything as a Service

How do you transform your organization into a true service-centric 21st century enterprise, where users – consume ready services on the go and on a flexible model? E.g. “I need to get a new laptop”, “I need to build an app” etc.
We understand this need and through DRYiCE, enable organization to have their own service marketplace and through service catalogue enables organizations to be agile in responding to the real-time needs of the consumers where everything is provided on as a service/consumption based model.

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Digital/Cloud Native/IOT

If you are a business that is a true 21st century enterprise or aspires to be one, DRYiCE helps you make the most of digital ecosystem using A.I. and Cognitive computing.Have to procure a new cloud server? Or Have to ramp down your cloud operations basing the demand? Make sense of the Big Data that is generated by sensors and digital applications and provide valuable insights for business growth?
Leave the grunt work to the machine while it analyzes data and helps you make decisions quickly. This way it will help you to be cost efficient at the same time provide better speed to market.

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Cybersecurity in this dynamic 21st century is of paramount importance in enabling organizations to be robust in case of attacks from virus, malware etc. that could put the business at risk. With the ubiquity nature of technology and devices, users are constantly under the risk of attacks and it is no wonder cybersecurity threats are continuously on the rise.
DRYiCE predicts and analyzes threats based on intelligence gained – contextual & behavioral analytics, leveraging advanced machine learning and A.I.

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At HCL, we have established cross-domain strategic relationships to augment the efficacy and reach of our services. We leverage partner expertise to deliver advanced solutions for information lifecycle management, next-generation data-centers, core infrastructure delivery, and cloud computing.

Our multifaceted, “go-to-market” collaborations ensure unwavering focus on direct business outcomes and user experiences for enterprises transitioning to digital.