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Enterprise IT is moving from ‘Build’ to ‘Consume’ at a rapid pace as enterprises embrace cloud and digital technologies. At the same time, performance expectations have reached new levels and downtimes or bad performance can result in ‘Real’ business problems. There is an increased pressure on traditional operations to match up to the digital age expectations. But, they often find it difficult to manage this new operating model, due to various reasons like - lack of ‘skilled’ resources, complexity of operations and the inability to scale up and down as per the demand. The reason is that the amount of big data generated at every moment is overwhelming for the human and, by extension, to traditional operations. Therefore, it is imperative that IT operations have to be redefined i.e. they have to be intelligent, efficient, scalable, and flexible to create a true digital age enterprise.

Artifical Intelligence driven IT Operations (AIOPS) will be the defacto model in such scenarios. Traditional operations will be replaced with practical A.I and smart algorithms to automate tasks and processes to drive efficiency. DRYiCE AIOPS will employ cutting-edge cognitive technologies to reshape operations with little/no intervention from the human.

DRYiCE AIOPS creates virtual ops-management without human intervention in lean & agile lifecycle, and can be deployed as per the enterprise’ needs in various modes:

  1. MTaaS (Management Tools as a Service): For enterprise IT functions to be agile, a flexible and business-ready operational hub is essential. Management Tools as a Service (MTaaS), a private cloud-based platform, seamlessly automates the delivery of IT management tools and blends all the requirements of an efficient IT management architecture. MTaaS can effortlessly integrate with the clients existing tools or can provide all necessary management tools.
  2. ElasticOps: Enables elasticity, flexibility, and simplicity in IT services consumption. It allows dynamic and endless scaling of IT services to manage the public cloud consumption and deliver extremely high levels of efficiency in running hybrid operations and managed services. It consists of leveraged resources model, augmented with a set of ‘AI-based, shared enterprise management platform’, ‘ML-based, proprietary unified reporting platform’, and ‘best practices developed of different frameworks across governance, operations, and technology’
  3. RevShareOps: A unique ‘outcome-based’ commercial mode in which there would be minimal/no upfront cost from the client and will be charged basis the operational cost savings


DRYiCE iAutomate: Intelligent Runbook Automation solution for your enteprise

DRYiCE LUCY: Next generation human machine interface powered by IBM Watson

DRYiCE MyCloud: Enterprise-grade Cloud orchestration and management

DRYiCE XSM: Service Management for the Cloud-enabled enterprise

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