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COPA (Cognitive Orchestrated Process Automation)


HCL’s Cognitive Orchestrated Process Autonomics (COPA) is a radical reimagining of the transactional automation approach that helps companies maximize the effectiveness of their automation solutions by creating a centralized, easy-to-use platform for enterprise-wide cognitive automation and process orchestration. It brings out the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) to processes across functions that are not a part of traditional automation efforts by combining user-friendly functionality with sophisticated AI technologies. COPA has the ability to coordinate a diverse range of digital transformation solutions, making cognitive automation more usable in any enterprise.

COPA is not just another process automation and orchestration solution. It is, instead, a centralized enterprise-wide orchestrator of automation. This allows it to go above and beyond robotic process automation (RPA) and integrate automation into the workflow to an unprecedented extent. This also allows companies to take their automation efforts to the next level and dramatically improve the efficiency of their workforce.

Most current process automation offerings focus on one of two things: executing activities for low level tasks (walking) and not emphasizing on experience or speed, or understanding queries (talking). COPA represents a significant departure from this model, orchestrating these two elements and giving it the ability to ‘walk the talk.’ With the cognitive solutions, users can easily communicate their needs and have those requests initiate real action through back-end RPA solutions. This helps in seamless integration of automation into the workflow. When AI ‘walks the talk,’ it helps improve the operations of companies through enhanced user experience across a wide range of industries and business processes.