DRYiCE iControl Operational Intelligence Platform | HCL Technologies



Business processes are the life-line of enterprises & often span many departments/functions, technologies & even companies, making it difficult to track and avoid business SLA breaches. The efficiency of these business processes have a profound impact on business KPIs. Having visibility into these critical processes is thereby imperative.

DRYiCE iControl enables powerful Horizontal Process Flow visibility. Built by engineers and domain experts with many person-years of experience in designing and managing complex process flows across industries – iControl gives deep, granular and highly customizable insight into various process parameters, as various events in the process chain occur. It defines and tracks SLAs at every critical point in the process chain – and provides performance, error and experience data to Process administrators to make adjustment and corrections – thereby ensuring consistent performance and experience. You can watch iControl in action here 

The true value of smart, AI-powered automation is to protect business outcomes and customer experiences; and not to just save time & effort. And the only way to control and protect outcomes and experiences is to gain visibility into them. If you are architecting/evaluating technology systems that power critical business processes or customer experiences; you should be also seriously considering business flow insight tools like iControl.


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