DRYiCE iAutomate – An Intelligent Runbook Automation Product | HCL Technologies



DRYiCE iAutomate is a standalone “core A.I.” module for powerful, smart run-book automation for issue resolution, automated response etc. powered by an extensive knowledge & script base. It enables end-to-end remediation in any IT environment powered with Natural Language Processing, 1500+ automated runbooks library, artificial intelligence driven virtual assistance and a seamless ITSM integration and a set of algorithms. DRYiCE iAutomate can understand the query from the ITSM system and can direct the robotic process automation to execute the most optimal runbook identified based on the confidence score defined by the previous experience of success.

It is a constantly learning product reading through different variables available in the ITSM system & updating itself of solving a particular incident.

Built on a microservices architecture, DRYiCE iAutomate is equipped with:

  • iRecommend: Best Matching Algorithm – provides the appropriate solution to an input query. Underlying technologies are NLP, ML, Pattern Matching, Text processing, Information Retrieval
  • iScrape: The task of automatically extracting structured information from unstructured and/or semi-structured machine-readable documents, if a solution is not available in its runbook
  • iParse: Capability to parse the ticket description to extract the relevant input parameters
  • iKnowledge: Incorporate knowledge on similar kinds of issues raised from global knowledge repositories or KEDB
  • iUnique: Cluster the tickets basis the pattern recognition


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