DRYiCE GBP SIAM/ITSM Service Management | HCL Technologies



The digital age enterprise is moving from managing technology to service integration and management.  There has been a radical shift in the way services are sourced with changes in delivery models and “everything” offered as a Service. The DRYiCE GBP SIAM/ITSM product, apart from managing enterprise IT services, enables rapid and seamless integration of multiple suppliers to collaborate and function as a single entity, with the right level of governance, complete visibility of end to end performance and accelerated operational efficiency.

DRYiCE GBP SIAM/ITSM is the process ecosystem of HCL best practice processes; designed, used and maintained for SIAM & ITSM services and managing a multi supplier environment pre-implemented on the ServiceNow platform with best practices pre-configured. The solution also includes a detailed document set to implement SIAM, including project plans, process documents measurement methodology, governance forums, OLA templates, training material etc & also well-defined ITSM Data Model and Taxonomy. All artefacts required to operate manage and integrate with other providers are also pre-defined.


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