DRYiCE Satori - AI Enabled Knowledge Management & Collaboration Platform | HCL Technologies



DRYiCE Satori, an Integrated enterprise social network and content management system with Collaboration as a Service, is a collaborative knowledge management system platform that brings one-stop access to everything that enables “collaboration” – activity streams, document management/sharing, profile building, blogs, surveys, question/answers, events, facebook, twitter, chat, trainings, project management tools, meetings, screen sharing, people and many more for an enterprise application store. DRYiCE Satori, an AI enabled web application, leads to enhanced visibility and creation of an environment where it becomes easy to not only find specific documents but also map and interact with the subject matter experts on the same platform.

Various quantified organizational benefits such as increment in employee engagement, centralized & simplified business process management, reducing staff on-boarding effort with availability of induction information on all possible domains that an organization operates on, and providing the means to capture and share tacit knowledge is what DRYiCE Satori is capable of.


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