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TAO (Transformation through Autonomics & Orchestration)

  • Rebuilding the Enterprise on a foundation of Artificial Intelligence

    - Kalyan Kumar B - Executive Vice President & CTO - IT Services

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    World’s most comprehensive Autonomics & Orchestration suite of products and platforms powered by the world’s best AI technology to enable enterprises to operate leaner, faster & cheaper, while ensuring superior business outcomes

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  • DRYiCE Rated As A Market Leader In Automation Services By Leading Analyst Firms

    15 leading service providers were evaluated for IT infrastructure automation solutions, HCL has emerged as a Leader and the top service provider among all IOPs

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TAO stands for business Transformation through Autonomics & Orchestration. Organizations today are overwhelmed with the rapid pace of technology; the reason is that they were not prepared for this kind of advancement. Therefore, it is easy to get lost or remain confused about leveraging these technologies for end-to-end business transformation. DRYiCE TAO addresses this exact need of the organizations by providing expert consulting services to help chart your Autonomics & Orchestration journey that accelerates your business transformation.

Through DRYiCE TAO, we help you in:

  • Autonomics & Orchestration strategy consulting: Identify, with the help from you, critical processes of your enterprise that can be made intelligent.
  • Automation & Orchestration readiness assessment: assessing the client’s process, systems and environment for automation potential and delineating an appropriate roadmap to enable maximum cost take-out while ensuring best-in-class process maturity.
  • Change management consulting: We understand the intricacies of your autonomics & orchestration journey and take you from planning to implementation employing appropriate change management techniques through TAO.