DRYiCE ServiceXchange (SX) – An Aggregation & Orchestration Product | HCL Technologies



DRYiCE SX provides a single system of engagement by aggregation of multiple service catalogs from multiple suppliers or internal teams, along with automated orchestration service for fulfilment and supports both IT as well as non-IT services. Designed to aggregate and orchestrate cloud native XaaS services aligned to IT4IT and legacy services aligned to ITIL.

Most organizations consume enterprise services (HR, Administrative, IT,etc) from a growing number of suppliers across processes, leading to a complex multi-supplier environment. This necessitates a solution that can aggregate supplier catalogues and orchestrate services across suppliers.

DRYiCE SX is an aggregation & orchestration product that enables an enterprise to plug and play diversified service providers and aggregate all services into a single catalog and seamlessly integrate service providers delivery and support systems. DRYiCE SX acts as the system for engagement between the ‘service consumer’ and the ‘service supply chain entities’. It is designed with an assumption that the catalog is the center of the universe and is a HCL’s proprietary SaaS offering that is aligned to IT4IT® reference architecture and is based on HCL service architecture.

It is a one stop shop for enterprise users that provides a unified experience to facilitate self-service support, service supply chain management, service order routing and fulfillment orchestration, service usage tracking, etc.


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