DRYiCE SX Platform – An Integration and Orchestration Platform | HCL Technologies


The SX Platform is an Integration and Orchestration platform which is powered by a cloud foundry PaaS and an industry leading iPaaS and aligned to IT4IT reference architecture. The dryice SX platform is built with a cloud native architecture and supports access from any device. The platform enables a set of products to work together and hosts these applications, micro-services and utilities that are built on the platform. It also allows new products and capabilities to be added on to the platform. The SX platform provides common capabilities/ underlying modules like master database, workflows for approval, task, assignments, SLAs, notifications, etc., reporting, authentication & access control and other services that can be shared and which form the building blocks of applications and micro-services that sit on the platform. Depending on the core capabilities the applications and micro-services offer, the supporting services are shared through plug n play from the SX platform. Currently the platform hosts four products and six micro-services.