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XaaS Service Management (DRYiCE XSM)


Enterprise-wide service lifecycle management designed to support cloud native XaaS (everything as a service) services, aligned to the IT4IT reference architecture, whilst also supporting legacy -IT services management aligned to the ITIL framework.

The legacy IT Enterprise world revolves around management of technology towers and the CMDB, along with the service portfolio acts as the center of the universe. In today’s digital enterprise, which is highly customer centric, largely focused on user experience, the service catalog becomes the center of the universe. Aligned to the new world, DRYiCE XSM is natively designed to support and enable an “everything as a service (-XaaS)” with the service catalog at the core, while still catering for legacy -IT services management and supplier lifecycle management.

DRYiCE XSM or XaaS Service Management is a complete Service Lifecycle Management system for the enterprise services published in the catalog which includes Strategy to Portfolio, Requirement to Deployment, Request to Fulfillment and Detect to Correct, all value chains of the IT4IT reference architecture. Additionally, it supports legacy IT services management aligned to the ITIL framework. 

DRYiCE XSM helps enterprise to manage IT operations, creating single system of records for IT services management processes. It enables a modern, consumption-driven engagement model and goes beyond traditional IT services management. It is offered as a SaaS solution both on a public and private model. DRYiCE XSM is hosted on a Cloud Foundry PaaS and can be accessed from any device. The differentiating features of the DRYiCE XSM are self-service, service supply chain management, automated service fulfilment and support, portfolio and catalog management, service availability and performance dashboards, service metering and billing while connecting the various consumers (business users, IT practitioners, or end customers) with goods and services that they need to drive productivity and innovation.

DRYiCE XSM is bi-modal; it can be configured to work both for IT4IT and ITIL architecture configuration. 


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