October 18, 2016


The 5 Key moments that Define 2016 for HCL Technologies

Technology is breaking the status quo and challenging the set norms everywhere. Far from being just a business enabler, new age technologies such as Big Data Analytics and IoT are setting the business agenda. Data is the new oil, but the value of this oil is realized only with relentless analysis and continuous course correction based on insights. Today every business strives to pre-empt the needs and desires of highly informed, well connected and increasingly restless omni-channel customers. At HCL Technologies we are very well aligned with these transformational changes.

Our vision of the 21st Century Enterprise provides a powerful roadmap to organizations that are looking to transform themselves and take advantage of the new age technologies. We have invested significantly on IoT, digitalization and automation, and these investments are already bearing fruit.

As the calendar year draws to an end, it is perhaps a good time to look back and see how we continue to be agile, nimble and committed to innovation while still having an obsessive focus on customer relationships. Let me share with you the 5 big moments from our year so far….

Moment 1: Taking the Big Leap Ahead

We recently concluded three important events: THE BIG LEAP AHEAD: HCL ANALYST MEET 2016 in Mumbai, India, HCL ANALYST AND ADVISOR DAY 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden, and finally, THE HCL ANALYST AND ADVISOR DAY 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. These were exclusive senior executive summits where eminent financial analysts and investors (Mumbai) and industry analysts and advisors (Gothenburg & Boston) came together to discover our strengths and areas of strategic focus. They reaffirmed our claim to be the transformation partner to the 21st century enterprise. 

HCL's Big Leap Ahead event saw 100+ analysts reaffirm our claim to be the transformation partner to the 21st century enterprise

The Mumbai summit saw a strong 650+ attendees worldwide – including those joining the Live Webcast, making it a truly globally networked event. The analysts went back “incrementally positive from the meet”, and their sentiment was reflected in the way our stock outperformed other IT stocks that day. In Gothenburg, more than 100+ senior industry analysts and advisors attended the event, and another 120 in Boston, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Moment 2: Creating the 21st Century Enterprise, through Automation, Cloud and Digitalization

HCL announced C Vijayakumar as its new CEO in October 2016 to take forward the 21st-century enterprise vision into our core businesses worldwide. Our experience-centric and business-outcome oriented services - Digital Process and Experience Consulting & Modern Apps, IoTWoRKS™ enabled by Cloud and Cyber-security services and wrapped around our DryICE™ Orchestration platform, are enabling clients to reimagine their businesses for the new world.

These differentiated services, driven by our Mode 1-2-3 strategy, combine our technology & engineering capabilities to take advantage of the key inflections points in the industry. In fact, our Artificial Intelligence platform, HCL DryICE, the innovative autonomics & orchestration framework that enables more than 40 micro services from a single platform, won us the prestigious AIconic Award, a significant global recognition in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

We also partnered with Microsoft to launch an IoT Incubation Centre in Redmond to build vertical solutions in Industrial Manufacturing and Life Sciences & Healthcare, with use cases around Industrial Automation, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Fleet Management, among others

HCL’s IoT incubation center in partnership with Microsoft will help build use cases around Industrial Automation and Remote Patient Monitoring

Moment 3: Beating Street expectations: Industry Leading Q2 FY’17 results

With an 11% Y-o-Y revenue growth, we displayed our vigor to maintain the growth momentum and provide accelerated value to our shareholders.

In keeping with our growth agenda, we also made some strategic investments and acquisitions to boost our portfolio. In April 2016, we signed an agreement to acquire Geometric, one of India’s leading R&D and Product Engineering Services companies. This boosts our end–to–end engineering and R&D capabilities across the full product lifecycle – hardware, software, mechanical & manufacturing engineering and PLM consulting.  In October 2016, we again announced another key acquisition - Butler America Aerospace for $85 million in cash, a move aimed at strengthening our position in the aerospace and defence engineering services

Moment 4: Ideapreneurs make HCL a Top Attractor of Talent in India

The robust agenda of growth, successful relationships, and innovation we have set for ourselves drives on the energy of the best of talent we can attract, retain and nurture. Earlier this year, LinkedIn came up with a unique classification of employers based entirely on user interactions. In this first of its kind ranking, HCL featured as one of country’s top ten ‘Attractor of Talent’ that is grooming 21st-century technology professionals.

HCL Technologies is known across the world for its empowered value zone which has entrepreneurship deeply embedded into the DNA. All 110,000 of us are living proof of this truth.

Moment 5: Taking Relationships Beyond The Contract: HCL and Volvo

In February 2016, we started a relationship with Volvo which marked many firsts by being one of the largest IT deals signed by any Indian IT company, and a first in the industry to use principles of “Vested Sourcing” as the basis of the relationship for an IT outsourcing engagement of this size and magnitude.

We also signed a global IT transformation deal with Alstom, a world leader in the supply systems, equipment and services in the railway sector. As part of the deal, we will provide workplace engineering services, roll out PC as a Service (PCaaS) for 30,000 users worldwide and enable local end-user support services across 360 locations in 62 countries.

Through HCL's ideapreneurship platform, we generated 55,000+ ideas that resulted in $1.6 billion value to our customers

A key enabler helping us build these relationships is our approach of “Relationship beyond the Contract (RBTC)”. We believe contracts are transient while relationships are timeless. In volatile business environments, we have gone beyond the dotted lines of the contract to deliver ‘relevant’ business value to customers in real time. We have walked the talk by delivering business value of over $1.6 billion through ~55,000 ideas to our customers, over and above our commitment through our Ideapreneurship platform. This not only boosts customer confidence but enthuses the large and committed family of HCL employees, motivating them to think innovation, always. 

It has been an exciting year so far and I am looking forward to even better achievements in the coming months!