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Aerospace Testing as a Service over Cloud (TaaS)

Aerospace Testing as a Service over Cloud (TaaS)
Rahul Ganapathy Subramaniam - | October 28, 2010

Setting up a test environment often needs a lot of resources (IT Assets, budget, People) and budget to update the configurations and versions. This can increase the testing cycle which eventually hits the schedule of a product delivery. In testing of avionics safety mission critical software, schedule and cost play a key role in accomplishing the aircraft delivery. It is been always difficult for the teams operating in different geographies to co-ordinate and manage the available resources effectively in testing a product. We have seen the industry offering the PaaS, IaaS and SaaS as a service over the cloud. Taking testing over the cloud will definitely be a beneficial solution that will add one more delivery models over the cloud (apart from the three delivery models that are prevailing in the market).

Is there a way where we can provide to the industry a collaborative, flexible, integrated and process compliant testing service over the cloud? One can think of a self service portal with on-demand provisioning of testing tools and the resource. Flexible testing private cloud environment which gives you the facility to rapidly and repeatedly provision physical and virtualized testing resources. This will help the customers save capital and operating cost, providing scalability thereby also reducing the cycle time in testing. The ownership or the risk of updating the testing tools, configuration now lies with the service provider hosting the Testing Platform over the cloud.

The service offering should be such that an innovative pay-per-test model is used where we can have a value based pricing, charging the customer for the number of test cases executed or number of hours the testing environment is used. This will help the customers with faster time to market, improved quality, lesser iteration, reduced capital, risk and obsolescence.

Future solutions in Testing expects to:

  1. Achieve low cost
  2. Provide testing in a consultative approach
  3. Address the business priorities
  4. Efficiently use the resources in testing
  5. Support dynamic automation
  6. Provide a predictable environment in testing

Keeping these as the major requirements that the future demands, we can think of offering testing as a service over a cloud which will enable us to extend our service and reach people across the globe leveraging HCL’s vast experience in Testing. The following can be offered as TaaS over cloud. 

  • Physical infrastructure
  • Testing environments and tools
  • Hardware and simulation environment
  • Pre and post build services/ deployment
  • API’s and web services
  • Enablers and frameworks
  • Domain components
  • Applications /testing tools
  • Services around testing
  • Business models
  • Rent test environments/infrastructure

The trend in cloud computing kindles our thoughts to think what else can be moved to cloud? Will the Aerospace OEM’s move from Vertical Integration to Virtual Integration?

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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