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March 2011 | HCL Technologies

2011-03-30 03:11
Since the days of its origination, PLM (which was essentially CAD data management – PDM as it was called) was an engineering centric tool primarily in the hands of product design teams. PDM helped engineering departments manage and control the digital product data and acted as a vault for storing product metadata.
With the technology evolution and emergence of personal computers the scope and need of product data expanded beyond engineering...
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2011-03-29 02:40

There is nothing more to broadband than dial-up except that it is digital, while dialup is analog. A positive voltage over the telephone line was a 1 and a negative voltage on the line was a 0. That’s how dialup modems used to work and traditional phone lines couldn’t handle more than 2000 such fluctuations per second, since the line was analog. The analog was then converted to digital, so that the voltage variations were just 0 to 5 or slightly higher and therefore greater frequencies were possible with...

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2011-03-07 15:26

Being connected all the time is more of a necessity than an urge today. Life changes every minute, every second. In this fast changing world of thoughts/ communication, the information puzzle is too tempting to resist!

A common man for example, spends 60 minutes a day on the road, in the car. If these 60 minutes can be spent in getting latest update from twitter, sending voice based SMS, listening to emails, getting traffic updates, why would one not want to ride a car all the time. If the “Connection”...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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