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January 2013 | HCL Technologies

2013-01-30 11:53
The Future of Airborne Entertainment and Communication Systems

In-flight entertainment (IFE) systems are providing great entertainment for long-distance travelling passengers with the help of a conventional wired network infrastructure. But, due to the wired infrastructure, a lot of unnecessary overhead gets added to the aircraft carriers, including weight, more fuel consumption, cost increment, voltage leaks, and low passenger satisfaction level. Due to the advancement in networking and computing, a lot of new consumer devices like iPads,...

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2013-01-29 13:10
From No to Now… Reincarnating Traditional Infrastructure Outsourcing

As we enter 2013, it’s a good time to reflect on what the IT outsourcing industry has accomplished and more importantly what we would like to focus on for the coming years. While the Indian IT industry collectively reached a respectable size of USD 100 billion, it will be inappropriate to say ‘what has got us here will take us forward’. Let me give you an...

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2013-01-29 09:19
Evolutionary Innovation vs. the pursuit of Disruptive Innovation

Back in 2007 when the iPhone was launched, it was a revolutionary innovation. The iPhone disrupted the entire mobile industry. Revolutionary products very often tend to have such an impact; they disrupt the market, suddenly market leaders become irrelevant, the market dynamics change, and there is a huge halo effect on that company and everything they do thereafter.

So why should...

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2013-01-29 09:11
GPS Interference: A Threat to NextGen and SESAR?

The US NextGen and European SESAR programs both aim at more efficient use of airspace and better air safety, and have a common vision to integrate and implement new technologies to improve air traffic management (ATM) performance. Though the implementation frameworks for each are radically different, both these programs rely on the Global Positioning System (GPS) for achieving the end objective.

GPS originated as a military positioning aid and was...

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2013-01-29 09:03
Cloud Based Network Management – Challenges and Opportunities

The needs of network management are changing with the emergence of “the cloud.”  Cloud users are not aware of either the infrastructure or pay model. However, they will pay for what they have consumed, which is mostly services from the network. This changing nature of the payment model and the consumption of services pushes network management systems to not only manage the infrastructure (which they traditionally did) but also manage the services provided by the networks....

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2013-01-18 04:18
SDN – Not just a random good idea, but here to stay…

Software Defined Networking, or SDN, may finally help us create a discipline in the networking space the same way it happened in systems domain, especially software programming with definition of abstractions, interfaces and modularity. It is interesting to understand what this change is, and why it is needed. While the service providers made architectural changes in their networks in...

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2013-01-17 14:16
WAN (Wide Area Network) traffic Optimization

Blog Context

Here are some thoughts on new avenues and directions for the WAN optimization technology domain

Problem Statement

The fundamental problems we are trying to solve using WAN optimization are:

  • Get higher traffic throughput on provisioned/available bandwidth over the ever-expensive WAN links

  • Optimize the usage of expensive WAN links...

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2013-01-11 08:55
‘Bank’ing on APIs for Innovation

The banking industry, like any other consumer-centric industry, is faced with innovation challenges like never before. While the core banking applications are adept in enabling banks to carry out their operations and deliver services effectively, taking that to customers through varied channels proactively calls for innovation. These innovative customer-focused...

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2013-01-09 11:41
An Overview of the Android Automation Testing Landscape

The booming Android application market has posed several challenges to software testing, which are compounded by the reduced time available for each test cycle. Some of the factors responsible for these challenges are:

  • The diversity of Android-based handsets in terms of screen size, OEM, operators. etc.

  • ...
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2013-01-08 11:27
How Do you Ensure Successful Adoption of a Dashboard?

A dashboard enables people to keep track of the big picture and not get lost in the operational challenges. It enhances productivity if designed and adopted effectively by providing information that helps decision-making and tracks progress against long-term objectives. Needless to say, it is a critical success factor for large initiatives, programs and engagements.

I was engaged with a Fortune 500 company in helping establish a dashboard for one...

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2013-01-08 11:17
The Airavat Strategy

Legend has it that Lord Indra’s mythological white elephant, Airavat lived in clouds and  when required, it could produce clouds and travel among them.

Any modern technological company can take a valuable lesson from this tale of lore and understand why the mighty king of elephants decided to choose clouds as his element.  Fast, omnipresent and reliable are the advantages. And that’s what cloud technology means to the IT industry. Moving...

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2013-01-03 07:20
Performance Based Navigation: Airspace Concept

Air Traffic Management has been one of the key areas of focus for continual improvement in order to enhance safety and improve operational and environmental efficiency for the regulatory authorities. The conventional navigation system uses ground-based navigation aids to transmit signals to aircraft receivers which tie air routes to ground-based navigation aids, making the flight path not only fixed but also operationally inflexible. The FAA has been taking...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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