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February 2013 | HCL Technologies

2013-02-26 09:32
Network Virtualization

Networking, one of the three vital pieces of physical IT Infrastructure apart from servers and storage, is  at a tipping point today. The cross currents of virtualization and cloud computing have already triggered beneficial changes in servers and storage space, and now networking, too...

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2013-02-26 06:10
Effective Communication - The Key to Success with Customers

As I am writing this blog, my bemused state of mind is again and again getting diverted to the substandard service provided by my internet service provider for the last six months. Now, the preview of the whole story is that my internet service provider has repeatedly failed to provide me with a satisfactory resolution to the recurring problem of the snail’s paced speed of my internet. In spite of writing, calling, and following-up with their customer care for n number of times, an...

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2013-02-22 05:36
Disrupting Delivery

Time for a Change

Consulting firms have been delivering projects in the same way for more than 15 years and yet a 2010 study by the Standish Group revealed that 60% of ERP projects fail in some measure and 33% fail catastrophically. The technology being implemented is constantly evolving and we have reached a point where the so-called ‘Disruptive Technologies’; In-Memory, ...

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2013-02-19 14:14

Digital marketers view the increased adoption of smartphones and close to a billion active users of social media as a strategic marketing opportunity to effectively target and drive sales.  In addition, the emergence of ‘SoLoMo’ (Social-Local-Mobile) as a unified approach and as an integrated technology holds enormous potential for retailers across the world to target customers within the physical proximity of their brick and mortar stores.

The ability of...

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2013-02-18 14:09

The way the World Wide Web is used has drastically changed over the time. In a matter of few years, the internet has consolidated itself as a very powerful platform that has changed the way we do business, and the way we communicate. Online strategy has become an important aspect of the overall marketing strategy of an organization, as people spend considerable time online to buy products, express their views or seek information. Organizations are spending a lot of money on various digital marketing initiatives...

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2013-02-15 10:44
HANA and Design Thinking: Disruptive Innovation or Sales Strategy?


Since “Big Data” has evolved from a mere buzz-phrase to an acknowledged real-world problem, the relentless data growth has promoted the development of new technologies in the information management space. Hadoop, NoSQL databases, and massively parallel processing (MPP) analytic databases have suddenly make it possible to tackle the three V’s of Big...

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2013-02-13 08:50
Wi-Fi Offloading: A Better Way To Decongest Wireless Networks

Let’s start with some numbers. In January 2013, the average traffic in bps (bits per second) was a mindboggling 2.4Terabits per second, i.e. 2.4 x 1,000,000,000,000 (1Terabit = 1000Gigabits/1 Trillion bits) with an all-time high of 2.7Tbps reached on 27/01/2013. The average traffic has risen from 1.75Terabits to 2.4 Terabits in one year. If that isn’t enough, average data traffic has risen from 0.3Tbps to 2.4Tbps in five years. That’s an astonishing 800% rise in data traffic....

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2013-02-12 12:40
Web Is Out, Apps Are In

I recently read an interesting article online, and shared it with my colleagues. Detailing the drawbacks of HTML5, it also quoted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, saying, “The biggest mistake we did as a company was bet too much on HTML5.” The article went on to conclude that though HTML5 may catch up to mobile apps, it’s not happening anytime soon.

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2013-02-11 06:07
LTE- Phenomenal Pace in Next Generation Networks Evolution

LTE adaptation and growth around the world as next generation mobile broadband technology is not only a claim now, but an affirmation, based on the various analytical data available today. According to the “Ericsson Mobility Report” published on 22 Nov 2012, LTE is currently being deployed and built-out in almost all regions of the world, and is expected to cover approximately 50% of the world’s population by 2017.

Also, from the Ericsson report on global mobile...

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2013-02-08 06:27
The Year of the Real-Time Enterprise: IT Finally Makes the Shift from Business Enabler to Differentiator

There are powerful forces exerting pressure on CIOs and IT departments today.  Companies compete in markets where structural constraints (cost of entry, geography, etc.) are greatly diminished.  Success is dependent upon an ability to continually differentiate their products and service offerings against increasingly agile global competitors.

A new breed of truly disruptive technologies – in memory databases, mobility, cloud and social media – create...

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2013-02-06 05:13
Content Reuse in Technical Documentation

Content reuse is the process of using a single piece of source content that has been written once and then used in multiple locations or contexts. We all reuse content in some form or other while creating new documents.


However, if you have used a copy/paste methodology, it might pose a problem when the content needs to be modified because of some update in technology or version. In that case, you have to locate all the places where...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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