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March 2013 | HCL Technologies

2013-03-29 10:50
Transforming BPO

Me Too

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I left university with a management degree. My heart said get a teaching qualification and a year later become a sports teacher. My bank balance said get a paying job sooner rather than later. More by luck than by judgment, the first job I applied for was a graduate position in a small IT Consultancy specializing in a relatively new German ERP application called SAP. I had always had some...

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2013-03-27 10:07

Platform as a Service has been in the news for quite some time, and as with most new terms, it is associated with quite a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). While public PaaS has been making rapid strides in adoption, the enterprise barrier to PaaS has been ridiculously hard...

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2013-03-26 08:23
No Instruction Manual Required

Maybe It’s Just Me

When did you last need to read the instruction manual to use an app you just downloaded from the App Store? I have never needed to do this, and any app I have downloaded that isn’t suitably intuitive has quickly been replaced by another that is.


By their very nature, Enterprise ERP platforms are complex...

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2013-03-21 06:40
Smart Heart Care Application

A few days back, I learned that one of my neighbors had passed away of sudden cardiac arrest. He had been a heart patient for the past few years, and this incident, which happened when he was alone at home, came as a shock to his family. Had there been a way to notify a doctor in time, even when no one was around him at the time of attack, could have saved his life. This triggers me to think how easy or difficult it would be to have a smart heart care application in this era of new...

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2013-03-21 06:01
Integration - The key challenge in today's Omni-channel retail world

In today's hyper connected world, a consumer's buying journey spans across offline and online –and a purchase could eventually culminate at the website, through a smart-phone, or at the store channel.

This unpredictability provides numerous touch points between the retailer and the consumer. – If the retailer fails to meet the consumer’s expectation at any one of these touch points, he runs the risk of losing the consumer. It also provides the...

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2013-03-21 05:09
A Real-Time Platform for Business

My Simple Life

You’ve all been here. Another day in the life of a busy professional, wrapping up meetings on one side of the country and heading to the airport for your journey back home on the other side. I recently had to be in San Francisco for business. I saw and accepted the meeting invitation on my mobile phone as soon as it was sent, and proceeded to plan my trip and book my flight right then and there from my phone. From that point on, my entire trip...

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2013-03-18 09:01
Legacy Application and IPv6

Everyone in touch with the networking world knows that IPv4 addresses are going to be exhausted very soon, and having held the World IPv6 launch day on June 6, 2012, it is clearly indicated that IPv6 is coming in a big way.  This raises a critical signal of the need to migrate existing networking environments to support and work with IPv6. The IPv6 problem is similar to the Y2K problem in size and impact. There are alternatives to allow procrastination of the migration, however, it...

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2013-03-04 05:24
The GOOD Side of BYOD

BYOD –  “Bring Your Own Device” – appears to be the latest trending technology that has captured the attention of consumers and IT organizations equally. This technology initially drove IT organizations into a big denial mode, owing to the complexities in security and management.  The diverse combinations of devices to manage and monitor required a significant surge in overhead for IT departments. However, we have arrived in the era of Work 3.0, in which the...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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